Homework Success Tips

Welcome to part 3 of my Spring Break series. If you’ve missed out on the other two parts, you can check them out here. Questions You Should be Asking Your Child’s Teacher and Parent-Teacher Conference Tips.

Today I want to focus on that dreaded word that kids just seem to hate these days: HOMEWORK! Homework is an important part of your child’s education. Teachers send home practice pages for students to work on so that they can learn to master the skills needed for a successful educational career. Unfortunately, homework can feel like work for kids, which can make them dislike it. If you want your child to be successful at homework, check out these tips.

Make It Fun

Homework doesn’t have to be dull. In order for your kids to be successful with their homework, give them strategies to make it more fun. If they have to memorize multiplication facts, teach them a rap song that uses the times’ table. If they have to study for a history exam, play a game in which clues are given and they have to guess the historical event. The more fun you make it, the more likely it will be that your kids enjoy doing their homework and put in a better effort.

Make It A Habit

If your kids have the choice between doing homework and playing outside, which do you think they would pick? In order to make your kids successful at homework, teach them that homework is a daily part of their routine. The moment they get home from school (or any other time you choose as homework time), they should sit down at a desk or table and work on anything that has been assigned. Even though your kids might not want to do it at first, as soon as it’s a habit, they sit down and do homework without even thinking about it. 

Get Help

If your kids are working on assignments and you feel like you don’t have the skills needed to help them, don’t be afraid to find help. Check with your family members and see if any of them would be willing to help explain that tricky math concept or write that essay. If they don’t have the skills needed, you might want to think about hiring a tutor. If you don’t have the money for a professional tutoring service, try finding a college student who is working to become a teacher and hiring them to work with your child. Finding someone to help your children will give them the skills they need for homework success.

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