Save Money on Long Distance Moving

Unless you already live out of your vehicle, long distance moving can cost a pretty penny!

The total may add up in unexpected ways, so you’ll have to get crafty to cut costs. Don’t let your budget keep you from relocating for better opportunities, though. Families move all the time, so you can handle this. Here are a few ways to save money on long distance moving.

Getting Your Stuff Moved

You have a couple of options as far as how to get everything you own from one place to the other. Whether you go with a portable storage unit, like PODS, rent a moving truck and do it yourself, or hire a moving company to relocate your possessions for you, the decision depends on how much you need to transport and your moving budget.

If you go with PODS, the company will deliver the storage container to you. You pack it and then they return to pick it up. You get as much time as you need and pay per month just as you would for a traditional storage unit. They’ll move the unit from one city to another and will even store it at a facility in the new city, if you want them to. Otherwise, they’ll deliver it, you’ll empty it, and they’ll return to pick it back up. The entire process is pretty simple and inexpensive, but it’s up to you to pack the container properly to avoid damages in transit. This also isn’t a great option if you have a whole lot of stuff, because of the three sizes to choose from, a 16-foot container is the largest. It typically holds 3 to 4 rooms’ worth of furniture and boxes.

If you rent a truck and handle the entire process yourself, remember to calculate gas, food and additional hotel stays you may not have had to pay for if you had a company transport your belongings for you. You’ll be charged based on the size of the truck you rent, the distance you’ll be going, and the amount of time you’ll have the truck. Insurance is extra. With this option, you have the ability to tow your vehicle and move it right along with everything else, but you’ll need to feel confident driving one of these trucks. Keep in mind that the cab will only hold two to three people. If you’re moving a family, this may not be the best option.

Your final and most expensive option is to hire a professional moving company to get your items from Point A to Point B. It may be the least stressful option, seeing as it’s completely hands-off, but be sure to read reviews and get quotes from more than one company. Be warned: You’ll pay an increased rate for every little piece of packing material they have to supply, but if you don’t let them pack your things, they won’t be held responsible if anything gets broken.

Invest wisely in packing materials.

If you fail to properly protect your belongings and they break, you’ll not only have to pay to replace these things, but you will have paid to move something that’s no longer useable. This is more of a waste of money than you might think purchasing the right packing supplies will be. Bubble wrap is a lifesaver, but it’s expensive, so start saving (and collecting from friends and family) from packages you receive. Television packing kits (boxes and cushioning materials) are a great investment. Wrap furniture and fragile items, like mirrors and large framed art, in blankets and towels you already have in your linen closet, and tape around them to keep the fabric secure.

The less you move, the less it will cost you!

Everything you have to move will cost you money, be it in fuel, packing supplies, or even just time spent handling it! Selling what you can in advance will put cash in your pocket. Have a garage sale, post items to Facebook for sale groups and Craigslist, and if you’re savvy, head to Ebay. Don’t sell things you’re going to have to immediately replace as soon as you get where you’re going, especially if they are expensive.

Consider selling your car, especially if you have more than one, and it isn’t a new vehicle anyway. Having a vehicle transported can be costly. The price of gas and wear and tear will add up if you drive it yourself. Will you need it in your new city? Can you get a lot of money for it right now? Were you planning to sell it or trade it in soon anyway?

Take the time of year into account.

Moving over the summer is going to cost you more. It’s when hotels and gas come at a higher cost, due to summer vacations, and it’s when most families relocate so they don’t disrupt their children’s lives mid-school year. Can you move at any other time? If not, use membership clubs like AAA, and reward points from credit cards or other programs to save on hotel stays.

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