Happy Family Brands Review and Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given the product in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own. 

We were offered the opportunity to review and host a giveaway for Happy Family brand of organic foods and we were honored to do it.

First of all I should say that we’ve been using Happy Family baby food from around the time I started eating solids at 7 months old. Mommy was looking for organic foods at our local Whole Foods supermarket and this stood out. We loved the packaging before we even loved the food. That happy smiley sunny face just says “eat me”. I really, really love their Happy Puffs.

Our surprise samples. One lucky person will also get this reusable tote

When our surprise package came in the mail I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Inside was some coupons to be redeemed and a few samples of their delicious food. Mommy was taking a bit too long to open it for me so I tried biting the top off. Of course that wasn’t working so mommy had to open it for me after taking her sweet time I might add. How could she keep something that was so good for me away for so long? Bad mommy! 

We took a trip to our local Whole Foods to redeem our coupons and of course I once again had to get my Happy Puffs and I picked up some Happy Yogis as well, these we paid for. The Happy Yogis are freezed dried organic fruits with yogurt and they just simply melt in my mouth. No fear of choking for me and they taste simply divine. There’s always a stash of Happy Puffs or Happy Yogis in my diaper bag whenever we go out. 

The Happy Tots meals are a great way to get your little ones like me to eat their veggies because they’re really delicious. I heard mommy say that their products are not just organic but they’re enlightened, which means that they contain extra nutrition for my little body such as vitamins, minerals and probiotics. They also contain DHA which helps in my eye and brain development and their DHA is sourced right here in the USA and is Vegan and non GMO.

If you think that only us little ones can eat these, then think again. The big kids (meaning you grownups) the ones who take care of us little kids can actually eat them too. Mommy ate my Happy Squeeze Treat made with caramel apple and said it was really good and that it tasted just like real caramel apples. I was very upset because that was supposed to be mine. After all I’m the one doing the review since it is my blog. Mommy only helps me to type it up but its all mine. She is not going to be forgiven anytime soon.

Guess what for you environmentalists out there, their packages are made from recyclable materials and are also BPA free. They also give back too. Every time you buy a Happy Family product you help feed a starving child in Africa through Project Peanut Butter.

Now that I’ve told all the good things about Happy Family, that they’re good for you nutritionally, environmentally and that their social goodness extends beyond us here in the US, what are you waiting for? Go out and get you some today. You’ll make your baby very happy.

Before you go enter our giveaway and visit Happy Family and find out what you’ve been missing. 

Happiest Big Kid Snack Package

Winner receives:

Happy Family re-useable tote

(3) Happy Times

(2) Happy Tot Plus

(2) Happy Morning

Approximate Value: $25

The contest is open to residents of the US and prize will be delivered by Happy Family Brands. 

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