Throwback Thursday: First 24hrs What to Expect

ok so you’ve read the title and you’re wondering. First 24hrs what to expect? What do you mean and what is the First 24hrs? Is that the TV show? For my readers who visit quite often you know what my Throwback Thursday is all about.

For those new readers who have somehow just happened upon my page whether by Facebook, Twitter or by google search, let me explain. Throwback Thursday is the day I post a random photo of myself and tell you a little about me.

Without further ado…

Yesterday was my 18th month birthday and I want to share a very special with you. This photo have only been seen by mommy, daddy and my siblings. I was only a few minutes old in the picture and not very pretty at all. Well not as I am now.

So what can you expect in those first 24hrs hours after birth? Not that picture perfect baby that you see on TV that’s for sure. The one that is all clean and nice. Remember that movie Coneheads? Yeah your baby’s head may look like that if you’ve had a vaginal delivery.

Before you even get to hold your little one the doctors have to be sure that your baby is ok. First the doctor will suction out your little one’s mouth and nose to clear out any mucus and amniotic fluid to ensure that your baby can breathe on her own and then you should hear your very first cry. Mine was very loud!

They will then cut your little one’s umbilical cord or your partner can do it. Most parents would want to hold their baby at this point. Mommy because she was under anesthesia didn’t get to hold me until hours after delivery.

Next the doctor will perform and Apgar test which measures your baby’s heart rate, reflexes, skin color, activity and muscle tone and breathing at 1 and five minutes after delivery. The score is based on a scale of 1-10 and any score above 7 is considered generally healthy. Don’t worry if your baby tests at a low score, most babies who get a low score at birth go on to be very happy, healthy babies.

Your baby will then be weighed and measured. I weighed in on the lower end of the spectrum at only 6lbs 14oz, 18 inches long and was the smallest of all my siblings. Your baby footprints will also be taken for their medical records and will get their very first bracelet. Ok it’s only and I.D. bracelet but it’s still a bracelet right? Daddy and Mommy also get one that matches as well. My bracelet came with an alarm so no one could steal me.

Your baby will also get an antibiotic eye ointment to prevent eye infections that can happen from passing through the birth canal. My delivery was by c-section and I still got it. Noticed my shiny eyes? Your baby also get a Vitamin K shot to prevent clotting problems.

As long as your baby is doing well you may be able to spend some time with your baby before they are taken to the nursery where they will be thoroughly cleaned and evaluated once again. If your baby was born severely pre-mature they will be taken to the NICU where they will be monitored and taken care of there.

You’ll then be moved to a recovery room or your own regular room. You can begin breastfeeding as soon as you get your baby back or if you prefer to formula feed you can do that as well but baby may prefer to sleep. We recommend getting as much sleep as you can while baby is sleeping. Guess what? Mommy wishes I was still that newborn who loves to sleep because now I hate naps.

You’ll be filled with all kinds of emotions and if you think it’s too overwhelming talk to someone. You’ll be a stronger person for talking about it than keeping it bottled up inside. This is a very special day so have your camera ready as well and take as much pictures as you can. After all this day only comes once in a lifetime for your baby and you.

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