Knot Genie Review

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own. 

Do you have hair that gets tangled very easily? What about hair that you hate washing because you don’t want to deal the struggle of detangling all those knots? Well we have a product for you.

Introducing the Knot Genie!

OK, I admit I was a little skeptical at first and thought “hey this wouldn’t work on my hair” but I was in for a shock. If you’re new to the site let me explain why. I’m Caribbean-American as I like to call myself and I have very thick kinky hair. Well actually my hair seems to have a lot of different textures but it is generally thick.

I have VERY thick hair!

When searching for hair care products and a new brush mommy came across the Knot Genie website. We read the claim but mommy and I noticed that there were no children that looked like me on the website or in the video so mommy decided why not contact Knot Genie and ask if they would kindly send us a brush so we could check it out for ourselves. Well they said “sure! We’d love to” and in the mail came my very own Knot Genie brush.

Hey Mom, this doesn’t hurt at all!
I can use this myself!

Can I say SURPRISE! Normally after mommy washes my hair, my hair would get tangled in knots. Mommy gently takes her time to get the knots out but it is very time-consuming because of how much hair I have. Well, the Knot Genie basically cut mommy’s work in half. How it did it was magic indeed. Do you see the brush? Notice the bristles are all different lengths? Well, that is the trick!

“It all has to do with the different lengths of teeth on the brush. When brushing, they bend just right, to gently untangle hair. And because of this lack of stress, the hair’s cuticles stays unharmed… revealing the smoothest, shiniest hair you’ve ever seen.”

We got the Original Knot Genie but there is also a Teeny Genie as well which is a little smaller than the Knot Genie but does the same work.

So you’re probably saying, she’s probably just saying that because she got it for free! Well, Knot Genie isn’t paying us to do this review so we can say anything we want to but if a product works I’m going to tell you that it works.

See that chunk of hair at the front that is all clumped together?
After using Knot Genie you can see the difference?

Was there anything that we didn’t particularly like? Well, guess what? There was! I have a lot of hair on the side of my head that seems like it doesn’t want to grow. Because the Knot Genie’s teeth are not the same length it doesn’t brush them down smoothly like a regular brush would. Besides that minor detail, this brush works like a charm. I would have preferred to only have one brush instead of two but hey I’m not complaining because there are no more ouchies for me.

The hair on the side doesn’t stay down but hey the brush works!

You can connect with Knot Genie via their Website, FacebookPinterest or Twitter page.

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