Smart Home Technologies Of Today And Tomorrow

With smart home technology becoming cheaper, it comes as no surprise that it’s becoming increasingly present in the American home. In 2016, as many as 45% of homeowners reported they planned to install new technology into their homes.

Smart technology offers homeowners a greater sense of convenience, communication, and security. Up to 25% of homeowners reported installing at least one smart home device related to security in 2016.

That being said, we’re not necessarily headed to a future similar to the Jetsons (1962) despite the prevalence of smart technology in the American home. However, here are some smart home technologies that are not only a part of many homes across the U.S. already, but could also be the new norm of the future.

Smart Appliances

There are already quite a few smart appliances used in the average American home. Appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers use sensors and touchscreen displays to enable an easier and more convenient use of the product. Smart refrigerators even come equipped with cameras inside so you can always remember what you need at the store.

What with devices such as watches and phones also becoming more intelligent, it’s safe to assume that our home appliances will see greater developments in the future. Consider smart microwaves, ovens, and even smart cupboards. As long as there are inconveniences inside the home, the possibilities for greater technology are endless.

Automated Robotics

Automated robots are another common occurrence in the American home nowadays such as the iRobot Roomba. Even AI technology has become common — when was the last time you spoke to Amazon’s Alexa?

Although we’re far from seeing humanoid AI technology in the home, developments toward improving small automated robotics such as the Roomba have been made and will continue to improve. For instance, one automated robot in Germany can currently clean the floors, operate a variety of machines, and serve drinks.

Energy Management

What with Americans spending more time at home, less energy is being spent and less pollution is being set off into the air. However, smart home technology could soon see a future of even greater energy efficiency.

The Total Home Energy Management program of Powerhouse Dynamics currently tracks your home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners are able to track their carbon footprint, how much they’re spending on energy, and how to better manage their energy usage. These energy tracking systems could soon become the American standard for a budget and environmentally-friendly future.

However, it isn’t only energy efficiency that these home monitoring systems could improve. Consider how often you need to inspect your home to keep disasters from happening. You need to regularly inspect your HVAC system, your gutters, your plumbing, etc. A home monitoring system could alert you of a problem with your home so you won’t have to routinely check your air conditioning filters.

Smart home technology is advancing not only to make our own lives easier, but to improve the lives around us. By improving upon today’s current home technologies, the technological advancements of the future can take even greater leaps until we’re living smartly, not just in smart houses.

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