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We love birthdays in our house and we go all out for them. Birthdays are celebrated just like Christmas, after all it only comes around once a year and you’re only that age once in your life. If you’re a mom, you know that besides Christmas of course, it’s the one day that your child counts down towards, all year long. Toys”R”Us knows that too, that’s why they’re reimagining and reinventing how they engage their customers in this most important moment in your child’s life. How? Well they’re recently updated their Geoffrey’s Birthday Club. If you’re not a member, shame on you! The Geoffrey’s Birthday Club lets parents register their children’s birthday and receive special birth-month offer. You even receive a special phone call from Geoffrey himself. I signed Madison up when she was a year old and she just loves getting that phone call that’s just for her.

I still remember Madison’s first official birthday party, she was two years old and what fun we all had. While most parents tend to celebrate the first birthday, we decided to do it at home with just the family. However for her 2nd, we decided to invite friends and have a blast. The one place where we did however go to get a gift, was at Toys”R”Us. I mean, where else do you get a toy but at the biggest toy store? The selection is amazing and if you’re at a loss at to what to give, then you can always get a gift card, you truly can’t go wrong with a gift card to Toys”R”Us.

However, as part of the new refreshed Birthday Club, Toys”R”Us has created a children’s book about their beloved Brand Ambassador Geoffrey the Giraffe, aptly named “The Legend of Geoffrey”. The book tells the story of how Geoffrey arrived at Toys“R”Us, how he got his stars and why he loves birthdays so much. Madison and I were treated to a copy of the book and read it as soon as we opened the box. We learned how Geoffrey helped the children with birthdays celebrate by helping them to choose a gift that was just right for them.

This Saturday, June 18 from 3-4pm, Toys”R”U will be launching their monthly in-store birthday event nationwide. This event will allow kids to experience the magic of the book and their birthday. During this event and all those following, Geoffrey’s Birthday Club members who are celebrating a birthday on/around the day will have the opportunity to participate in story time with Geoffrey and receive a complimentary “The Legend of Geoffrey” book, crown, balloon and Geoffrey plush, PLUS dance to Geoffrey’s brand-new birthday song in a conga line around the store. Geoffrey’s Birthday Club members will also continue to receive a personalized birthday card, a phone call from Geoffrey and a special gift. July’s event will take place on Saturday, July 16th.

Can you imagine the look on your child’s face when they walk into Toys”R”Us on their birthday? We’ll be there for the big event although it’s not our birthday, but I know that Madison would LOVE to meet Geoffrey in person. This is all about making birthday wishes comes true.

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Let’s discuss: How do you celebrate your children’s birthdays? 

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