Getting Your Kid’s Closet Ready for Back to School ~ #GameOn #CartersAtKohls

Summer is almost over and back to school is fast approaching. We share some tips on how to get your kid’s closet ready for back to school while introducing some new clothing from Carter’s available at Kohl’s.

I’m going to be honest with you, I LOVE back to school shopping and I love both Kohl’s and Carter’s. Growing up, going back to school shopping was the highlight of actually going back to school. It means an entirely new wardrobe and I just love clothes. Madison, the baby of the family, starts Kindergarten in just a few short weeks, but her closet is a mess. Madison has more clothes than anyone in my household. Not so sure how it all happened, but there are even clothing with tags still attached, still not worn, but are now too small for her. With a new school year approaching, I wanted to get her ready for back to school with an entirely new wardrobe, but in the meantime, I needed to clean out her closet. So how do you get your kids closet ready for back to school? I’m going to share with you how I get it done.

Set a schedule. 

While it depends on how big your child’s closet is, it will more than likely take a few hours to get it reorganized. Set aside a day or a few hours of a day to get it all done.

Get your child involved. 

While your child may not want to do the work, letting them know that they will be getting a brand new wardrobe might get them in the mood. You can also offer an incentive as well for younger children and praise them for doing a good job. To make it fun, let them put on a fashion show, this will allow you to see what fits and what doesn’t.

Sort through clothing. 

Take everything out of the closet, don’t leave a single thing behind. This is your time to sort through and evaluate what you want to keep, donate or place in the trash. Store clothing that your child may grow into containers, and put away seasonal items that will not be used.

Make a list of what you need. 

Once you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t want, it’s now time to go back to school shopping for new items. Kohl’s has always been one of my favorite place to shop and Carter’s brand has been one of my favorite when it comes to children’s clothing. As a matter of fact, they were one of the first pieces of clothing Madison had against her skin as a newborn. Their selection is always age appropriate and I feel good knowing that I’m getting value for my money.

Get new hangers.

Madison’s closet was filled with baby hangers, but she’s now grown up, so I decided to get her new hangers. I purchase plastic hangers since they’re not only affordable, kids can also use them to slide their clothing on and off easily.


To make it easy for your child to get dressed, organize your child’s closet by type, such as all tops, pants, dresses etc., in one spot, using a label which you can purchase separately, or if you’re handy to make your own. You can also keep matching outfits together making it even more accessible.

Don’t forget to maintain.

Keep your little one’s closet in tip top shape by maintaining it. Get rid of too small clothing as soon as they become too small, and remember to place clothes in their designated section. Keep a hamper nearby so that your little one will not place their dirty laundry in their closet and once a week, go through to make sure everything is in order.

Whether you’re shopping for new clothing for back to school or because your little one has outgrown their clothes and you just need a new wardrobe, be sure to check out Kohl’s. Before I went in-store shopping, I took a look online at what Carter’s had to offer at Kohl’s so I could plan my shopping trip. Carter’s has a great selection for both boys and girls from size 0-8, and I love the fact that I can mix and match my choices. This way I can have quite a few outfits while only purchasing a few pieces. They are very affordable so I never feel like I’m breaking the bank.

There is a 40% – 50% off Carter’s Playwear sale from 8/4 – 8/20. Shoppers can also use the BTS10 code to get $10 off $50 spent on the back to school categories (which includes Carter’s clothing).

How do you get your kids closet ready for back to school? 

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