How to Turn a Nursery Into the Best Place for Your Kid

What comes to mind when you think about your little one’s nursery?

Most parents aim for a comfortable place where baby feels safe, and organized room where all the essentials are at hand, and maybe a cute and fun theme. As important as these elements are, why not also use this space to encourage your baby’s physical, intellectual and emotional development? Here are some ideas to help you make your baby room do just that.

1. Texture

Babies can learn a lot through touch. As your son or daughter gets older, they will enjoy the tactile experience of feeling different textures. Soft versus hard, smooth versus bumpy, fuzzy versus prickly: all of these feelings are new and fascinating to baby. Why not include them as part of the baby room decor?

2. Patterns

Babies love to gaze at interesting objects. High-contrast patterns with bold colors are especially popular with newborns; given their immature eyesight, these images are easiest for them to see. As baby gets older, they will continue to enjoy observing more subtle designs. Being exposed to patterns can also help them learn about repeating elements and organization, skills they will need to need to rely on throughout life.

3. A Reading Nook

Nothing can be more stimulating to a child’s mind than being held close and sharing a book. It is never too early to introduce baby to reading; even before they seem to be paying attention or able to follow a story, they are learning from your vocal rhythms and from looking at the pictures. This can also become a beloved part of the bedtime routine for years to come. A dedicated reading area could be a great element of the nursery to help them get into the habit of picking a book on their own later.

4. Space to Move

One of the more overlooked ideas for the baby room is plenty of open space to move. After all, crawling is an art that takes lots of floorspace to perfect! Baby will not only be encouraged to exercise physically, but their growing brain will also be engaged in exploring all areas of the nursery. Having too many items taking up floorspace could feel confining for baby, and limit the natural creativity children love to use. As a bonus for parents, having unfilled space makes it easier to keep the room clean and organized.

5. Low-Tech Toys

Certainly, toys that light up and talk or sing are both fun and educational, but toys that don’t “do” anything also have their place. When baby has to use her imagination to play, she is in control of the experience rather than just following along with what the toy does. Blocks can become whatever he wants to build, until they fall over. Why do they do that? Cars can roll around wherever she wants, but why do they stop when they run into each other? Play experiences with low-tech toys can engage baby’s brain in ways that higher-tech one can’t.


I’m Shannon, a mother of three adorable kids: a boy and two girls. My children fill my life with fun and joy and make my life really fulfilled. I also enjoy reading, shopping, and hanging out with family and friends!

Another my passion is blogging and trying out new baby products. Baby Monitor 101 – is my blog about parenting and baby safety.

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