Mommy Caught Santa!

I’m still visiting family in Canada. This is my 2nd official Christmas and last year he came and no-one even knew that he was there. I woke up that morning and there were my gifts under the tree just waiting for me. I got my picture taken with him last year and this year was no exception. I got another picture but this year I also got something extra.

This year mommy caught him and now I know that he’s real and that he was there. Wanna know how I know? Mommy got a picture to prove it. Yeah, Santa thought he was sneaky but mommy was sneakier and caught him right in the act. Still not sure how he bypassed the alarms and there is no chimney for him to sneak in through. Mommy said it was the North Pole Magic that brought him there. I want some of that North Pole magic.

Well here is my proof! Told you mommy caught Santa. According to mommy this Santa was special and he looks just like me. Notice how dark it was but he came in like a thief in the night. That was mommy’s way of describing him. He even had the nerve to smile while his picture was being taken. Mommy didn’t think it warranted calling the cops but now we both have proof that he was there. 

Now maybe next Christmas I’ll be able to catch him all by myself because I plan on staying up and waiting for him. 

I hope all my readers had a great Christmas. Did any of you catch Santa too? 

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