2014 Toddler New Year Resolutions

So this is officially my second new year that I’ll be celebrating and this year I decided that I want to have new year resolutions as well. It’s going to be called my 2014 Toddler New Year Resolutions! According to the dictionary a resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Well what kind of resolutions can a toddler have you ask? We can have quite a lot if you ask me, but since no one is asking me I’m just going to tell you what mine are going to be.

  • Totally Own the Potty: I turn 2 in 1 month and I’m still not potty trained. Yes it’s my biggest resolution but I know mommy will be happy to know it’s on my list.
  • Smile More! Yes those photos of me that you thought was smiles, it was actually me saying cheese to imitate a smile. No more pretending for me.

  • Learn to Say Yes! NO is my most favorite word of all time. Every question gets answered with a resounding no which mommy unfortunately doesn’t like hearing much of. I guess I can throw a yes in every now and then. 
  • Take More Naps! Mommy made this resolution for me so not sure if this will actually happen but a mommy or daddy can dream can’t they? 
  • Wake at a Reasonable Time in the Morning. Mommy doesn’t think that me waking up at 6am every morning is reasonable so I will try to wake up at 6:05am instead. I think that’s reasonable enough for both of us. 
  • Expand My Palette. Right now it consists of lots of Pediasures and a few items that I deem worthy to pass my lips. And I’m not talking the dog or cat food that I love picking up and tasting, I’m talking about healthier choices. 

  • Play With Own Stuff. Apparently there is such a thing called My Stuff and Other People’s Stuff. I am not entirely sure what other people’s stuff is all about because they all become my stuff. 
  • Be More Assertive! This means that every time my brothers take something away from me they will get smacked in the process. This also means that I will take things away from them if I want it without getting smacked in the process. 
  • Put Away Toys After Playing. I can’t understand why I need to put them away if I’m going to just take them right out again in about 10 minutes. Kinda makes more work for me don’t you think? 
  • Be A Toddler! I love having fun and Growing Up Madison was made to showcase me having fun. While I love getting all the amazing goodies from companies and sharing them with you, I do plan on highlighting what it’s really like to be Madison in 2014. Sure we will still have our reviews because we can’t help sharing what we think you’ll love but expect less of them. Happy 2014 EVERYONE! 

Now that I’ve shared a few of my 2014 New Year Resolutions what about you? Did you make any resolutions for 2014? 

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