Why Summer is Better Than Winter

Summer lovely summer, the season that I love. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Caribbean where it’s summer all year round, but there is just something about Summer that brings a smile to my face. Right now I am reminiscing about being on a beach frolicking in the clear water and feeling the sand beneath my toes.

I am not a fan of Winter because I abhor the cold, and while I don’t mind Spring, my allergies detest it. Summer, however, allows for a favorable atmosphere, a season where you get to rejuvenate friendships, engage in self-discovery and make some fantastic memories. Getting out of that house is one of the best ways to boost happiness hormones and share new experiences with your loved ones.

While the other seasons aren’t necessarily that bad, they are much cooler, sometimes downright cold at times, and deviates from that flexible schedule Summer offers us human beings. With Summer comes the increased spontaneous moments, last-minute plans, and less time to get ready as there isn’t much clothing needed during the hot Summer months.

If we have to sum up why Summer is better than Winter with just a few points, here are the few major points we feel make Summer the best season in comparison to Winter:

Opportunity to Take a Hike

No one wants to hike up a 5,000-foot mountain top while sleet and freezing rain are dropping down upon them, Summer allows for the better weather to get out there and hike that mountain top. As you arrive at the top you start to feel humbled as you see how large the world is from atop that mountain in comparison to your life happenings. If you can’t make it up a mountain, a valley will do just as well.

Summer is Picnic Season

No more worrying about fancy inside dinners, simply grab a basket full of goodies, your favorite blanket and head outside to enjoy a picnic with friends and family. Summer brings a more carefree meal planning along for all ages, and allows for more chances at having a peaceful picnic in the park.

Boating & Fishing Season

While you can fish in nearly every season, Summer brings along the best weather to go out on the boat, catch that tan, and a fish or two. The weather is simply so inviting that you feel that desire to get out and enjoy it with friends while fishing or boating while sharing some cold drinks and laughter.

Flowers Galore

Let’s face it Winter has no life about it, just the cold, snowy glow of dreary days with no life in sight as you peer out that window. Summer brings about the growth of flowers, birds, and other wildlife that simply makes you appreciate the world around you. The smell of fresh flowers is a great mood boost too!

Ah, Summer … the season that brings on that laid-back persona, where you can be carefree and simply enjoy life.  The kids are usually out of school and you can get to enjoy them a lot more, plan a few road trips since you’ll have a longer vacation break. Summer is truly about family and friends. Now that you’ve read my reasons why I prefer Summer over Winter and think that it’s much better, venture out this upcoming Summer and enjoy it!

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