Why Kids Should go to Summer Camp

Discover the myriad benefits of summer camp for kids, from building confidence to fostering friendships. Learn why it’s a must for childhood development.

Our summer vacation has officially started, and, to be honest, I’m ready for the kids to go back to school. Don’t tell them I said that! There’s an unlikely possibility that they’ll find out since they never read the blog. While I love summer, and you may have read why I think summer is better than winter, I would prefer if the kids could get out and spend some time outdoors and get to experience things that I won’t be able to teach them. That’s where summer camp comes in.

Summer camp can be super fun for many kids, but parents are often questioning what the purpose is behind spending the money and planning the event of sending their kids off to summer camp. Sure, there is the fun factor that parents are usually aware of, but what kids learn while having fun at camp goes beyond what most parents think about. Today we are going to share a few reasons why kids should go to summer camp.

Increased Self-Esteem

When kids attend a camp during the summer season, they don’t have their parents right there to help them approach new people and new experiences. Kids have to learn to put themselves out there without the guidance or support of their parents. This helps kids feel good about themselves as they work to strengthen their interaction skills.

Nature Education

Many kids are not aware of what is out there in nature, they spend most of their time on electronics or just in their local neighborhood, which doesn’t always bring them in tune with true nature. Kids who attend summer camp experience nature in a whole new light and, in turn, learn more about the benefits of nature when they are at camp.

Develop Leadership Skills

Kids will learn to develop great leadership skills at summer camp as they are put in charge of directing projects and their peers along the way at camp. In combination with leadership skills, kids learn to overcome peer pressure in their everyday lives, as they were able to overcome those insecurities while attending summer camp and gaining an increased level of self-confidence.

Trying New Things

No matter how involved a parent is, the truth is, no one set of parents can introduce their kids to every opportunity and experience there is in the world. Sending your kids off to summer camp allows them to be introduced to and try new things that otherwise wouldn’t be offered to them in your local area. This breeds a group of well-rounded, open-minded kids who will go on to enjoy life a bit more than your average kid.

Make Wonderful Memories

How many of you attended summer camp yourself and still have those memories of camping, swimming, and learning all of those new skills the camp brought into your life? Sending your kids to summer camp allows them to have wonderful memories to look back on as they age and grow into adults. Most kids have some positive memories from summer camp and are able to come home to share those memories in a positive way.

In Conclusion

Life is all about engaging in new experiences and working to gain self-confidence as you thrive to be your own individual person. Sending your kids to summer camp opens the door for new opportunities and everlasting friendships, combined with a new ability to lead and educate others about their newly learned skills while at camp.

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