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Every once in a while mommy and I happen upon a product that we just have to share with the world. I may not write a lot about religion on my blog but mommy and I do go to church and we do believe in God. I got my very first baby Bible when I was only a few months old and mommy and I read it very regularly. I love hearing the stories and I’m usually smiling after hearing them. When mommy found GoBible AniMates she couldn’t help but become excited. Here was a product that was not only unique in the fact of what it did but what it represented. Now if you’re uncomfortable with me sharing this with you I would suggest going to another post.

Share your faith with Ani-Mates! Ani-Mates are animated stuffed animals that bring wholesome Bible stories to life. Choose from a cute bear or an adorable puppy. Both come preloaded with over 35 Bible stories and songs and are great for bedtime or anytime!

$49.95 – Recommended age: 3y+

Although this says “Share your faith” the stories are all generic and does not “preach” to you. AniMates are talking stuffed animals that comes preloaded with over an hour long children’s Bible stories. They are available in a GoAniMates Bear and GoAniMates Puppy version but we received the bear for review purposes. It was very easy to set up and mine already came with batteries so there was no need for me to install any.

The stories are all told by kids and feature amazing sound effects. After each story is told there is usually a little song which makes it even more special. What really delighted me was the fact that my bear moved his lips when he told the story.

When I first took him out of the box I was encouraged to great a greeting. Mommy did one for me since I can’t speak well. Now when I first play with him he says “Hi Madison”. I just love that little personalization feature. It makes gift giving even more special. 

There is also a free app that can be downloaded which comes with even more stories. My AniMate Bear comes with a cord that connect to mommy’s smart phone. I can now not only hear the story but I can also watch pictures on her phone screen as well.

Now if that wasn’t enough you can also connect AniMates to your cell phone and it also acts as a speaker. His mouth moves with the sounds so now I can hear when my grandma calls me and I can reply to her through my very special bear. There is an earphone jack so I can also listen through that without disturbing those near me who would prefer not to hear me talk. 

The songs are played through a speaker that is totally hidden by his fur so it really does look like he is talking to me. There is a toggle switch in his paw so I can also skip through the stories. The AniMate’s more than 30 stories takes me through the life of Jesus and includes:

  • Jesus’ Baptism
  • The Beatitudes
  • Jesus’ Miracles
  • The Crucifixion and Resurrection
  • And much more

Now mommy always read a bedtime story to me before bed and mommy and I have now started to incorporate my AniMates Bear into my bedtime ritual. With a bible story being told by my now favorite bear it makes bedtime so much more fun. I am really loving my GoBible Animates Bear and I have to give him my Two Tiny Thumbs Up! This bear is also family approved, especially by Grandma who never misses a week of church! 

Mommy did a very short video clip showing you what my AniMates Bear does. Check it out!

You can purchase your very own GoBible Animates Bear or Puppy at the Animates website. You can also connect with GoBible the makers of AniMates via:

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