Leap Frog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

I was not paid in any way to write this review. 

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I’m a girly girl, well sometimes I am, at other times I’m a total tomboy so receiving this Leap Frog Musical Rainbow Tea Party was a total treat for me. This is my third teaset and the only one that actually teaches me something besides how to serve a really good cup of tea. Not that serving a really good cup of tea isn’t important but it isn’t all I need to learn at 18 months. This is geared for toddlers ages 12-36 months and I was right in the middle. Yay me! 

The box was pretty and I was so happy that it came with a try me mode that allowed me to play with it before taking it out of the box. I was happy that it came with batteries because sometimes batteries are not always available in my house. Well mommy opened the box and was not happy. If your mommy is like my mommy then your mommy will hate what I’m about to tell you. The box is not user friendly when it comes to packaging. It comes with zip ties and mommy just hates those. Really there are no need for zip ties in a toddler’s toy. I want to be able to play right away not wait for mommy to go and find scissors or whatever she uses to open it. 

My mommy hates these!
She hates these too. You get the picture? 

Well by the time she was able to get it out the box my patience was running thin but since I’m a toddler I had nothing to do but wait. Once my wait was over I was super excited to play with my new teaset. My new teaset according to Leap Frog was going to teach me manners, colors, color matching and counting. 

For the colors and color matching aspect of this new toy I got to pretend with six slices of cake and match the colors to what my teapot told me to serve. I couldn’t get the hang of that concept and served all different slices and could never match them up. I’m sure when I’m a little older that I’ll be able to do it a lot better. The plate where my cake is stored can also be used as a matching game for me as well. I get to match up the slice of cake with what’s on my plate.

My teapot taught me the concept of simple math and counting. I was told how many times to pour tea into my teacup and with every tip it counted it for me. With a simple press of the heart on my teapot I hear a fun song and after my song is over it tells me what slice of cake I should serve and more. 

My teaset teaches me manners, social graces and encourages the use of polite words such as please and thank you. It also encourages social play. I can now not only play with my furry friends but my brothers as well whenever they feel like playing with me. It also lit up and was another great example of color teaching. The tea also moved magically when I “poured” it into my cup. What a treat!

Going to share a slice of cake with mommy.

Mommy has put together a little video showing you what it does while still set up in the box. I hope you enjoy it because mommy totally doesn’t know what she’s doing when putting videos together. 

For those mommies wondering about volume buttons because mommy thinks that this can become annoying at times, it does comes with an off/low/high volume switch so no need to worry. It does require 4AAA batteries but they come included once again. I love my Leap Frog Musical Rainbow Tea Party and it gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!

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