Dress Organically in Nohi Kids

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Who doesn’t love getting dressed up and looking pretty? I know I do and so do most toddlers I know. We all have our own unique personality and dressing to express our personality sometimes takes a bit of work. I like dressing myself without the help of mommy so if you see me in mixed colors, you know who dressed me that day. While mommy likes me matching, I like to display my individual style and that sometimes means looking “out there”. Now sometimes I have no choice but to wear what mommy wants, but having that independent streak and letting your little ones display their independence is what being a mom and a toddler is all about. Today I want to introduce to you a company that I just happened to fall in love with. A company that realizes what being a toddler is all about. Welcome to Nohi Kids! Nohi Kids is the place for kids where you can find organic unique designs perfect for school, playwear and any occasion you so desire. Available in sizes newborn – kids 7/8.

So you’re wondering what does that word Nohi mean? I was curious too so I checked it out and according to Nohi this is what it says:

In the Maori language, nohi nohi means, “to be small”. In Japan, Kodomo Nohi, one of the most popular national holidays, is a day to celebrate children. And, in Hawaiian, Nohi means brightly colored and vivid. So, I suppose a Nohi Kid is a bright, vivacious little thing just oozing with personality!

That surely sounds like me! I chose the Layered Ruffle Elephant Dress just for that very reason. I wanted to express my personality that screams I am that toddler that no-one messes with.

Now all of their fabric is a combination of certified organic cotton, bamboo viscose. My dress was no exception and was really soft to the touch. There was even a bit of spandex included in the material to keep it washing well and lasting forever. It also made it easy for me to slip on and off. All of the ruffles really does make my dress stand out from the crowd and I loved the fact that there were no buttons or zippers.

It wasn’t tagless and mommy usually cut the tags out of my clothing. This tag wasn’t the itchy kind though and actually felt soft, almost as soft as my dress itself. I have to say that this is one of the most comfortable dresses that I worn in a very long time and I have worn a LOT of dresses.

Mommy’s camera really doesn’t do this dress justice. The colors are a lot brighter than you see in the photos. According to Nohi Kids they use low-impact, water based inks for printing and they comply with all CPSIA guidelines and regulations to ensure that all of their products are lead-free and safe. They are really looking out for your little ones.

As if that wasn’t enough they work closely with their manufacturer to make sure that the workplace provides a safe environment, have fair working hours, pay decent wages, there is no discrimination and that there is no child labor. They also donate a portion of their profits to charities and participate in events that promote the health and well-being of children. Talk about a company that just loves to give back. How amazing is that?

Be the best dressed kid on the playground in a responsibly made Nohi Kids original design. You’ll be the envy of your pre-school classroom because everyone is going to want to be just like you. So what do I think about Nohi Kids? They get my TWO TINY THUMBS UP of course!

Nohi Kids wants to give my readers a 25% discount towards their purchases. Use code thankyou25 and also receive free shipping on orders shipped within the Continental US. Coupon does not expire. Awesome! You can find your nearest Nohi Kids store using their store locator. 

Here are the ways to connect with Nohi Kids:

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