Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday at Babies’R’Us – #BabysFirst

I remember the day Madison was born, it seems like it was just yesterday. Oh, how I actually miss those days, although having her at the pre-school years is just as amazing. I would count her little fingers and toes and wait for her to share her beautiful smile, believe it or not she smiled a lot more then. The days flew by and by the time I knew it, she was crawling and then walking. Time flew by while we had fun together and believe me, that first year surely did fly by. For any new mom, one of the biggest milestones in her child’s life is that very special first birthday. Together with cake, balloons and gifts, and those special people that mean a lot to you, you celebrate an event that only happens once a year. Babies’R”Us also knows how fast that first year can fly by, and is happy to share that they will celebrate Baby’s First Birthday in a big way at stores nationwide.

This post is done in collaboration with Babies’R’Us

All year long, stores nationwide are stocked with everything parents and gift-givers need to make Baby’s First Birthday special, such as first birthday-themed apparel, along with My First Birthday products, gift ideas and more.

Plus, on Saturday, August 17 from 11am – 12pm, all Babies“R”Us stores nationwide will host a Baby’s First Birthday event to celebrate this special milestone and offer the best solutions parents need for the big celebration. Attendees will also experience fun activities such as story time, photo prop fun, decorate your own Geoffrey growth chart and receive giveaways such as a complimentary Geoffrey plush, a special baby’s first crown and balloon, plus meet other local families and babies also celebrating Baby’s First Birthday. You can find more information about Baby’s First Birthday in-store birthday events and more events happening at your local Babies’R’Us by checking out their events calendar online.

While at Babies’R’Us be sure to sign up for the The Geoffrey’s Birthday Club. It’s recently been updated and it allows your child to receive special birth month offers, including a special phone call from Geoffrey.  If you’re not able to make the in-store event, you can also sign up online, browse first birthday gift ideas, keepsakes, apparel and much more.

Here’s are 5 First Birthday Tips

1. Place
– While most kids’ first birthday parties are thrown to impress parents, at age 1, your child may prefer the comfort of home and may be wary or even afraid of strangers. Have your party at home where he/she feels comfortable and have a few friends/family over. Remember this is all about your child, not you. If there are pets in the family, you can also keep them away from those kids who may be allergic or afraid of animals.

2. Time
  – Preferably after a nap when your child is well rested. If you throw a party right before nap time, you may end up with a cranky toddler on your hands, and a not so happy party. Try to co-ordinate with other parents who have children the same age so that you all can have a fun time together.

3. Foods
 – At that age kids aren’t into pizza and hot dogs and some may not even have all their teeth in as yet. A good variety of finger foods will be perfect. Also take into consideration allergies, so keep it simple, and don’t forget your birthday cake. Cupcakes are perfect, so that each child can smash to their hearts content.

4. Games
– Peekaboo might still be your toddlers’ favorite game, but it really all depends on the weather. In the summer you can blow bubbles, sing songs and even read books aloud. If the weather isn’t that great, you can play treasure hunt inside where you hide little treasures for the little ones to find. Stay away from the loud noise which can scare some children and balloons which can be choking hazards.

5. Gifts
– At age 1 your child may have their favorite characters that they love, but they also like anything that lights up, plays music and is interactive. Be sure to offer a variety and make sure that it is age appropriate.

All in all remember to have fun. Your child’s first birthday and all birthdays’ to come only happens once a year, so be sure to enjoy it. Before you know it, your little one will be a teenager and heading off to college, so cherish all the memories with him/her now while you can.

Let’s discuss: How did you celebrate your baby’s first birthday? 

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