5 Reasons to Visit St. Louis – #FunnestFamily

This year has been dedicated as our year of travel and so far we’ve been off to a great start. With the summer right around the corner and the kids officially out of school, I’ve been thinking of places to see and things to do. Last summer, after one of our road trips we passed through beautiful St. Louis and that photo you see above is the photo that we took while driving on the highway. Not me, of course, but I did hand my phone to my daughter so she could get a photo for me since she was in the passenger seat. St. Louis has always fascinated me and today I want to share with you my top 5 reasons why I want to visit St. Louis.

1. Visit the Build-A-Bear Workshop Headquarters.

This has always been my main reason for visiting. I’ve been a fan of Build-A-Bear Workshop for years and their headquarters is located in St. Louis. We have had birthday parties, made bears, met professional baseball players and more. I have not only collected bears over the years, but whenever I visit a new place I try and get their exclusive bear. So it would behoove me to visit their headquarters and meet their Chief-in-Bear. St. Louis here I come!

2. Get Up Close to the Gateway Arch

While I was able to see the arch from a distance, I would love to be able to get a closer view and get my picture taken at the foot of the arch. I’m told that you can take a 630-foot ride to the very top and behold the beauty that is St. Louis. While I’m not a fan of heights, sometimes you have to overcome your fear and live. This is a once in a lifetime experience and just like skydiving, I have to do this!

3. Visit the St. Louis Zoo

We are big fans of zoos and wherever we travel, we always make it our business to visit the local zoo. The photo above is Madison at the London Zoo in the UK. Not only are zoos learning experiences, but they are fun to visit. The St. Louis Zoo has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading zoological parks. With so much to see and do, including the kids petting zoo and Interactive Stingray Pool, I’m sure that we will have lots of fun there, and best of all it is absolutely free, well except for a few events. Every other Zoo that I’ve gone to has always required an admission fee so this is an added bonus.

4. Sample all the Delicious Food they Have to Offer

I love to eat and you can’t really tell because I carry my weight well, but on my most recent trip to the UK I gained 25lbs because all I did was eat. I’m looking forward to putting on another 25 more in St. Louis because I’ve been told that they have some amazing cuisine. I’m a New Yorker and there’s nothing quite like a New York pizza, however I’ve heard that they have a St. Louis style thin crust pizza that comes smothered in Provel cheese. Oh yummy! And there’s also a mouth watering gooey butter cake, talk about heaven on earth!  I can’t wait to sample every food that they have to offer.

5. I want to Shop Till I Drop

You may have noticed that I mentioned that I’m a New Yorker and the one thing the city of New York is known for is, is their fashion. When you think fashion, you think London, Paris and of course you think New York! However, St. Louis is known to have some very high end shops littered throughout the city. There I can find vintage-inspired clothing and one of a kind treasures that will not only delight my senses but my home as well. I can either find them at independent stores or at one of their many malls and shopping centers. I can’t wait to shop till I drop!

Now, while those are my reasons for visiting there are so much more to see and do in St. Louis. St. Louis is very family friendly, with attractions and fun stuff to do, a little bit of everything for everyone so to speak. There is Six Flags of which we are season pass holders, museums and so much more. You might even be able to take in a baseball game or two of their home team, the Cardinals.

And if my reasons don’t make you want to visit St. Louis, the beautiful city of St. Louis is having a #FunnestFamily contest. From now until June 30th, 2016, all you have to do is share your family’s funnest picture or video with #FunnestFamily hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or on the Explore St. Louis Facebook page. One lucky winner will receive weekend of fun in St. Louis for the entire family. So what are you waiting for? Check out St. Louis today!

Let’s discuss: Have you ever been to St. Louis? 

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