Getting Your Kids to Help Out with Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner! This means you are probably looking forward to warmer weather and fresh air, but are you looking forward to spring cleaning? Spring cleaning is a big task for anyone, but this is especially true if you have kids. Not only do you need to go through your belongings, but you also need to go through all of your kids’ clothes and toys as well. This spring, save yourself some stress and get your kids involved in spring cleaning. Here are some tips to get them to help you out.

Have a Fashion Show

It can be amazing how much your kids grow after one winter. A great way to get your kids to help you spring clean your closets is to throw a fashion show. Let each member of your family try on different items in their closets. Not only will your kids have fun strutting down the runway, you’ll also be able to tell which clothes no longer fit or are in good condition. You can then get rid of these clothes to make way for some new items.

Broken Toy Hunt

In addition to going through all of your kids’ clothes, you’ll also want to clear out broken and unused toys. To do this, have a broken toy hunt. Let your kids know that they are going to go hunting for broken toys or toys that they don’t use anymore. Give each of your kids a loot bag (a trash bag) and tell them that they have to fill it up with as many of their own toys as they can. Set a timer and watch your kids race through their toy room, trying to find the most to trash.

Organization Scavenger Hunt

Once you’ve gotten rid of those unwanted items, you’ll need to spend a little time organizing the items you want to keep. To do this, give each of your kids a list of things that need to be done. This list is their scavenger hunt. Your kids will then race the clock to see who can get the most done on their list. If you have younger children, you can pair them up in teams to help make it easier.

Cleaning Dance Party

After everything is put away, it’s time to do a little scrubbing. To do this, throw a cleaning dance party! Strap on rags or sponges to your children’s feet and turn up the music. Your kids will have a blast slipping and sliding around the room and you’ll love how clean your floors will be! You can even give your kids rags to hold so that they can scrub the walls while they’re at it.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Kids

Throw out clothes that don’t fit or are in poor condition.

Toss broken toys.

Get rid of unused toys and games.

Organize toys.

Organize closets.

Scrub floors & walls.

We hope our tips will get your kids to help out this spring with your spring cleaning, before heading off those great places for spring break.

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