Chores Your PreSchooler Can Do ~ #UnleashTheCleanSquad

There are quite a few chores that your preschooler can do. After all, they love making messes, so it’s time that they’re put to work on cleaning those messes, with the help of Viva Advantage paper towels and Clorox Clean-Up.

Madison at the age of 5 can understand more than the average 2-step command, and so can most preschoolers. However, she can also make a mess faster than Superman can fly. I have been introducing chores to her gradually, because personally, I don’t want a child so lazy and dependent on me that when she’s older she can’t do anything for herself. With that being said, I don’t expect her to prepare a 5 course meal, because obviously that’s not going to happen, and I also don’t want her burning the house down. There are, however, various chores that she can do, and if you have a pre-schooler on your hands, I’m going to share a few of them with you. There are also a few things you want to also keep handy when it comes to preschoolers, and I would have to say all children in general. When it comes to cleaning supplies, I rely heavily on Viva Vantage paper towels and Clorox Clean-Up. I know that they can get the job done. Viva wipes up all the spills and messes and Clorox keeps all those nasty germs away.

So here are 4 tips when introducing chores to your preschooler.

1. Be Consistent

Prepare a chore list chart and have your preschooler follow the chart. Don’t give in! Preschoolers love to work on your heart strings, so you may have to be firm.

2. Be Specific

Give specific instead of general instructions. For example, instead of saying “pick up your toys”, say “put your toys in the toy box”. Giving clear and concise instructions can prevent the pitfalls of misinterpretations.

3. Give Praises

Everyone loves praises and kids are no exception. Let them know what a great job they’re doing and have done, even if you don’t think so personally. Giving praises while they’re working may even encourage them to do more.

4. Don’t Expect Perfection

No-one’s perfect and expecting perfection from a preschooler is like expecting me to know how to perform brain surgery. It’s not going to happen. Instead once again give praises for what they have done. One more thing to note is that if you’re going to jump in and take over the job, because they’re not doing it the way you think it should be done, this defeats the entire purpose of having them do the chore in the first place.

Here are 10 easy chores your preschooler can do.

1. Put away their toys

2. Put dirty clothes in the hamper

3. Wipe up their spills and messes (have your Clorox Clean-Up and Viva Vantage paper towels on hand)

4. Make their bed

5. Take out the bathroom trash

6. Make own breakfast (cereal, sandwiches etc)

7. Bring in the mail

8. Feed the pets

9. Help with laundry

10. Sweep the floors

I always stock up on my Viva and Clorox products whenever I make my Walmart shopping run. With kids in the household, paper towels are usually the first to go and Viva Vantage paper towels are exceptionally strong and takes care of the messes the first time. I love their select a sheet option, as you only need a small sheet for a small mess. Clorox on the other hand has always meant clean, and whether it’s my bathroom or kitchen, I always keep Clorox nearby. Clorox Clean-Up kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and with children around who still goes from hand to mouth, knowing that my surfaces are clean is a bonus. Thank you Clorox!

So stock up on your own Viva Vantage paper towels and Clorox Clean-Up products and get cash back with Ibotta rebate offers.

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