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Every time you see a post about any of my pets, you may have noticed that I refer to them as family. What does family mean to you? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “family” means a group of individuals living under the same roof. Guess that would include my pets, now wouldn’t it? Family doesn’t always have to be based on blood relations. I have some amazing friends that I’ve met along my journey of life that I relate to as my family. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, and I’m eternally grateful to have them in my life.

I have always had a dog in my life. I grew up with dogs, even in the Caribbean. I remember my first dog, a german shepherd mix that we lovingly called Bingo. He was my protector and no-one could get close to me without being growled at. I cried like the world was coming to an end when he died, because he was my family. I don’t think that I’ve cried as much for anyone, besides my parents, like I did for Bingo. So when it comes to my family, I want nothing but the best for them and that includes, the doctors that they see, the clothing that they wear and you guessed it, the food that they eat. For my pets, I feed them Natural Balance and you may have even seen a post or two about their diet and Natural Balance.

This is Bentley as a puppy! I remember the first day that we got him. He was almost 12 weeks old and a scared little thing, but he took to the family like he belonged, and of course he does. I’m a firm believer that you are what you eat. His breeder was feeding him a different brand of food, and I immediately went to my local Petco and asked the clerk, “What does he recommend?” I knew of a few brands that I wanted to try, but he recommended Natural Balance. I, however, decided to do my own research before committing. It’s the one good trait of a pet parent. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

What I found out about Natural Balance is: They never compromise on their food quality and they back ALL of their products with a Buy With Confidence Guarantee. I was sold! I purchased Bentley’s food, and we’ve never looked back. I of course had to wean him off his old food until he was accustomed to eating Natural Balance, but since then he’s been doing great. Bentley is no longer a puppy, and our love for him has never changed, however, he has had an addition to his meal plan.

We recently found Natural Balance Delectable Delights, which is available at your local Pet Smart, Petco, or Specialty pet store. With four delectable flavors to choose from such as Fish ‘N Chicks (Chicken & Salmon), Duck’en-itas (Duck & Chicken), Surf ‘N Turf (Chicken & Tuna) and Woof’erole (Tuna & Turkey), there’s a flavor for every picky dog’s palette. Bentley has never been a very picky dog but he just LOVES the Duck’en-itas. The Natural Balance Delectable Delights are a gourmet blend of wholesome ingredients cooked to perfection in a delicious savory broth.

The Natural Balance Delectable Delights can be used as a full meal or in addition to your dog’s current dry food that he’s enjoying. Since Bentley is already eating Natural Balance, it just made sense for us to put this on top of his already great Natural Balance food that he’s eating. One thing to note is that these are all Grain Free and they smell amazing too. Yes I actually smelled them when feeding it to my dogs. Who wants to eat something that doesn’t smell good? And according to Bentley, it tastes really good too because he gobbles it all down. They are great for dogs of any size and Bentley being a medium sized dog, our trusty Cocker Spaniel, just loves them!

So if you’re looking for something to delight your dog with, something nutritious, delicious and downright good for your dog, pick up a few Natural Balance Delectable Delights. Your dog will thank you for them. Be sure to visit Natural Balance to learn more!

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