Bluum 27 Month Old Box – April 2014 – Review

I am late with my Bluum box review. This was supposed to be done last month since it’s my April box but better late than never right? We recently received word via email that Bluum and Stork Stack are going to merge into one. I can’t wait to see what both of them combined will bring. While I’ve been highly delighted with Stork Stack, I’ve been a little disappointed in our Bluum box lately. Bluum is a monthly tailored subscription for babies – toddlers up to age 3, which means I only have a few more months to go, and costs $24.95/month. While they are supposed to be tailored to your childs age and gender there have been quite a few hit and miss with Bluum. You can check out what I received in my 26 month old box and we’ll see what I got in my 27 month old box together.

I was very surprised when I opened my box this month because there was something in there that really caught my eye. Here’s what we got in our 27 month old box. Woohoo for being a toddler!

for baby – Boogie Wipes – Boogie Mist – Grape – $6.29

Stuffy noses be gone! This saline nose spray will help relieve your child’s most stubborn sinuses, helping to relieve cold symptoms and eliminate the need to continuously wipe their sore, dry nose.

I love Boogie Wipes and currently use their actual wipes and this new product seems like another great product from them. I currently have a slight cold so this comes in very handy indeed. Will have to share my experience with this when its been used a few times. I’ll be sure to let you know about it.

for baby – Melissa And Doug – See Inside Peg Puzzle – Alphabet – $9.99

As your childs hand/eye coordination improves with each and every day, your little one is starting to welcome the challenge that comes with matching the puzzle pieces to their shapes!

I’m a huge fan of Melissa and Doug products and I actually have a few of their puzzles. I have a few peg puzzles as well but not this particular one. This is a great addition to my puzzle collection because not only will it be fun to do but it’s also educational as well. It’s a great way for me to start learning my alphabet. 

for mom – Klorane – Dry Shampoo – $19.50

What Mommy can’t benefit from the convenience of Klorane’s Dry Shampoo? In every stage of parenthood, the grueling schedule means that sometimes your in-and-out shower didn’t quite cut it (if you make it to the shower at all!). We are THRILLED to be featuring it as our Mommy Product of the Month.

Mommy was a little skeptical about this. She’s never used a dry shampoo before but she intends to give it a try. You can’t knock it before you try it right? 

for baby – Crocodile Creek – Bib – Dragonflies – $9.90

Mealtime can often be equated with Messtime! Keep that little one of yours crisp and clean with this gorgeously illustrated, laminated dragonfly bib from Crocodile Creek!

Well I consider myself a big kid even though I’m only 27 months and I really don’t do these baby bibs anymore. This I think would be perfect for a much younger baby. Now if this was any bigger it would be perfect for when when I’m practicing my artwork. 

for baby – Crocodile Creek – Placemat – At The Circus – $4.00

What better way could there possibly be to incorporate fun and learning into mealtime than this adorable Circus placemat from Crocodile Creek? With bright colors, cheerful illustrations, and a border filled with fun games and facts, your child will be a Mealtime Ringmaster in no time!

Oh I love placemats and I’ve received a few Crocodile Creek placemats before in different boxes. They are made of really great quality and the illustrations on them are usually so eye catching. I can’t wait to begin to use this one.  
Well that was all that I received in my box this month and this month was actually not too bad. I did tell you that they can be hit and miss. The only thing I wasn’t too fond of was the bib but we can always give it to someone who’ll love it more than we do. The big hit of my box was my Melissa and Doug puzzle and I couldn’t begin to try it out. I just have to remember to keep all the pieces together.

The total of my Bluum Box this month was $49.58. Bluum boxes are usually $24.99 a month and if you would love to sign up for your first box, you can sign up using my referral link. If you do get a box, you can post a pic to either Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and tag #bluumbox for a chance to win a free month. Give them a try, you just may love it!

Disclosure: This post contains referral links!

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