Why Making Time for your Spouse Matters

Many people get confused as to why making time for their spouse matters, it’s this thought embedded within us that our children must forever be first priority. The truth is that your spouse needs to come first, yes even before your children. This doesn’t mean you love your spouse more than your children or love your children any less. The simple matter of fact reason why making your spouse a priority matter is because this is the person who will still be by your side once those children are grown.

When the world is faced with high divorce rates and many children being raised in blended family units, it’s no wonder why articles like this are surfacing all over the internet. Marriage is a vow between two people to commit long term to each other, through the good and the bad. Marriage is what ultimately will outlive the child raising days and thus is the biggest reason why you need to make time for your spouse.

A marriage takes effort from two people who have made a determination that they will forever hold their relationship above anything else that falls upon their laps. Marriage is about learning each other, growing with each other and working together towards a common goal. As your marriage continues on, there will be new goals, new interests and new ways of thinking based upon experiences in life. Regardless of experiences in your life, the marriage should always remain a number one priority.

Making time for your spouse matters because …

  • It keeps the love alive.
  • It makes your spouse feel appreciated.
  • It allows you both to reconnect apart from the stress of life.
  • It helps solidify the bond you had all those years ago when you said “I Do”.
  • It makes your marriage stronger.
  • It makes you better parents together.
  • It allows you to have a happy home where positive things transpire.
  • It means you won’t fall out of love so easily.
  • It allows you both to place value upon the marriage.
  • It helps you maintain a deeper connection.

There are so many reasons why making time for your spouse matters. The ultimate reason for ensuring you always take time to be one with your spouse, is that it will help continue the marriage long term. There won’t be a broken marriage if you both have taken the time to place a value upon your commitment to each other. Learning about your spouse, hearing about their day life beyond the regular household chatter, and really discussing matters together on a regular basis will help solidify the bond you both have.

Couples who make time for their spouse regardless of the external world difficulties are able to overcome any demand placed upon them. A marriage is a team of two people working towards a future together with their little ones in tow. One day your children will be grown and you may look at your partner as if they are a stranger if you don’t make the time for your spouse today. The last thing any spouse wants is to have their grownup children experience the breakup of a long term parental unit. Making time for your spouse now will ultimately ensure the safety of your marriage far beyond the days of raising children.

Let’s discuss: How do you make time for your significant other? 

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