Shop Back to School Like A Boss At Walmart – #BTSLikeABoss

I’m not a fan of shopping for back to school. I absolutely hate shopping because of the crowds. It’s one thing to go into a store and everyone is looking for the same thing. It’s another to go from store to store and not find what you’re looking for. This back to school shopping this year has been super hectic for us. I have one child heading into her 2nd year of college, one going into his second year of high school and yet another just starting out in Junior High School. So what’s a mom to do when you have three kids to shop for and so little time. You go to Walmart and shop #LikeABoss.

Walmart is one of those stores that I never have an issue with. I can find all my back to school supplies and even more without having to go from store to store. I don’t know how I lived without a Walmart before. I’m from New York City where there were no Walmarts around, so when we moved to Colorado and there were about 3 within driving distance I absolutely took advantage of it.

Now not only can I shop at Walmart for back to school supplies but I can also shop for household products as well. This back to school shopping I was able to pick up a few products that even helped my kids school. If you’re one of those parents who collect box tops for education, then I have to tell you that you can get bonus box tops on packages of Kleenex tissues, which we all know kids need, Viva paper towel and Scotts Bathroom Tissue. You can never have too many paper towel or bathroom tissue at home.

So if you’re one of those parents who is still shopping for Back to School, may I suggest going to your local Walmart and do your back to school shopping LIKE A BOSS!

Let’s discuss: Have you done your back to school shopping as yet? 

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