Review: Enhance iPad Learning With Tiggly Shapes

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A few months ago mommy and I did a post called my Favorite Toddler iPad Apps. Since then I’ve added a few more apps to the ones that I love and may have to do a revised version of that post.  While searching the internet for other items related to the iPad mommy happened upon this up and coming, amazingly wonderful company that was in the process of making something special for us little ones. Something that totally changes the way we play with your iPad. Yes we love playing around with your iPad but now we can actually play WITH your iPad and iPad mini as well. Introducing Tiggly Shapes!  

Tiggly Shapes are fun and educational toys for children between 18 months and 4 yers old. With a soft plastic cover and silicon touch points, the four shapes (circle, square, triangle, star) are durable enough for toddler play and gentle for iPad screens.

$29.99 – Recommended for ages 18m – 4y 

It has been a few months and mommy and I are happy to be able to experience Tiggly Shapes. And what an experience it is! The Tiggly Shapes as you can see have no sharp edges so they’re really safe for little hands and faces. There are no small parts, no batteries needed  and are made of non-hazardous plastic. Letting your little ones chew on the shapes won’t hurt them at all. Trust me I know! I’ve already chewed on mine. The soft silicone shapes won’t scratch your iPad screens so that’s an added  bonus. It also includes a carry pouch so after play you can store your Tiggly Shapes away safely. 

Tiggly Shapes can be used with the following languages: English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, French, German and Italian. It also works with all generations of iPads and iPad minis.

Tiggly Shapes is so very simple to use. Besides downloading the apps in the iTunes store, and they’re all FREE, that’s all you really need to do.  There are currently three apps available, Tiggly Safari, Tiggly Stamp and Tiggly Draw. I have to admit that my favorite app is Tiggly Safari. I get to learn animals and shapes and I’ve been doing such a great job of it too. I now know the four basic shapes that comes included with my Tiggly Shapes package. For those who don’t want to buy the Tiggly Shapes kit right now you can still play along without the shapes. What mommy and I really loved about this is that there are no in-app purchases or ads on any of them either. Awesome!

Now don’t just think that this is all for toddlers! There are levels to these apps and as the levels go up it gets a bit more difficult or challenging which is why Tiggly Shapes is recommended up to age 4 years. 

With the amount of technology around and kids learning to use tablets at earlier ages, it’s great to have something that I can use to interact with the app as well.  Tiggly Shapes helps with my hand to eye coordination and motor skills. It also helps a lot with my cognition and memory skills as well. I’m now able to remember my shapes by just looking at them. 

Now there is also a parent section where mommy can choose the settings (Language selection, Music on/off, Play with Tiggly Shapes on/off). Mommy can also get tips to enhance my learning/play experience.

I am super happy and excited to endorse Tiggly Shapes. Not only are they great for learning but they make playing with mommy’s iPad even more fun. I have been playing non-stop, now this iPad is truly mine! Now there are plans to introduce Tiggly Shapes for Android tablets so those without an iPad can play as well. Isn’t that awesome? Tiggly Shapes gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!

Here’s a little video mommy made of Tiggly Shapes for iPad.

Through the November 30, you can get 10 percent off Tiggly Shapes through their Shopify Page. Just enter TIGGLYLOVE10 at checkout.

You and  follow Tiggly Shapes on their social media pages:





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