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I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central forJust For Me. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

My pre-schooler was born with a head full of hair. As a newborn all that was required of me to recreate the perfect hairstyle was a brush. As she got older and her hair got kinkier I realized that a brush wasn’t going to cut it. Being Caribbean-American as I like to call us, our hair need a lot of tender loving care. My oldest daughter has decided to go back au-naturale and has been transitioning. When she was younger one of the products that I found worked wonders in her hair was the Just for Me haircare line. Yes it’s been around for as long as I can remember. Back then we lived in New York City and it was easy for me to find it. Having moved to Colorado it was a little difficult to find here so I started using other products. I was so happy to hear that Just for Me is now available at Walmart.

Living in Colorado there is a lack of humidity which means that our hair tends to be really really dry. No matter what we do it’s a hassle to keep it moisturized. I think I’ve tried almost everything under the sun and with no result that lasts for as long as I would like it too. The new Just for Me Milk Hair Collection was a change from the others.

Now the line includes quite a few products and I was sent 5 of them to test out.

The Just For Me Hair Milk Leave-In Detangler
– This is by far our lifesaver. Whenever it’s time to wash Madison’s hair, because of the thickness of it, it usually gets tangled and it hurts to detangle. It’s why we try and avoid washing for as long as we can. This has made washing her hair so much easier. It is so easy to use and can be used on dry hair as well.

Just For Me Hair Milk Mosituresoft Sulfate Free Cleanser
– I like products that don’t strip the natural oil from her hair so I always look out for Sulfate Free on the bottles of shampoo whenever I purchase them. As I mentioned, it’s very dry here in Colorado so what little oil she has we need. This cleanses her hair and leaves it squeaky clean without stripping it. Her hair feels so soft when it’s washed and smells really good too.

Just For Me Hair Milk Pre-Wash Softening Detangler
– Now who would have thought that you would want to detangle before washing? I’ve never done it before and I’m happy that I was able to give this one a try. If you co-wash this is perfect for that. Just add it to your hair before washing and comb through and it makes it so much easier.

Just For Me Hair Milk Silkening Conditioner
– I always condition our hair because we need the moisture. Sometimes we co-wash (meaning we wash with just conditioner instead of using shampoo) and this is perfect for that as well. It leaves her hair feeling silky soft and the smell is awesome. It states that it minimizes breakage and I’ve noticed that when I used it I didn’t see as much of hair on the comb when I pulled it through. Amazing!

Just For Me Hair Milk Hydrate and Protect Leave-In Conditioner
– Now this is our lifesaver and by far one of our favorite. I’m going to say it again. Our hair gets very dry here so we’re always having to moisturize. Since this is a leave-in conditioner it can be used whenever we feel the need to moisturize and I have used it quite a lot since I’ve gotten it. As a matter of fact, it needs to be replaced soon.

The Just For Me Hair Milk Collection is enriched with a blend of natural ingredients, including shea butter, soymilk and honey.  It seals in moisture to help soften hair and prevent breakage and leaves it visibly softer so that you can run your fingers through it. Now Just for Me has a 5 Finger Challenge that they want you to try.

The #5FingerChallenge demonstrates the efficacy and benefits of the Just for Me detangling products. All you have to do is run your five fingers through your hair as proof that you accomplished the challenge. How easy is that?

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Just For Me Hair Milk Collection and give the Just for Me Five Finger Challenge a try today.

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