Holiday Recipes Perfect to Cook for Your Kids

Holiday Recipes Perfect to Cook For Your Kids

 With the holidays right around the corner and the kids at home, food is going to be a crucial part of your household. You will certainly need to cook more if you are to keep your children well-fed and healthy.

There are so many types of food you can eat during this time and you will only be limited by their availability and your culinary skills. Luckily, you can find many recipes that can give you step-by-step guides as to how to cook fantastic meals. The following are examples of such holiday recipes that are perfect to cook for your kids:

Holiday Recipes Perfect to Cook for Your Kids

Reindeer Chow

Christmas is one of the more popular holidays and this recipe keeps in tune with the holiday spirit. The magical reindeer chow recipe is sure to make your kids enjoy a meal this holiday. Reindeer chow is made from cereal, pretzels, chocolate, and dried fruit. They are all coated with white chocolate and sprinkles preferably golden ones. Reindeer chow is as good as Christmas treats go and look as festive as it tastes. It does have a lot of sugar so it is best to serve it as a snack and let your kids go out and play to burn themselves out. Your kids will certainly love making it and eating it even more.

Christmas Tree Brownies

As you can tell from the name, these are brownies that are shaped like Christmas trees. It is a recipe for a snack that further promotes the holiday spirit.

You bake these brownies just as you would any other brownies preferably in a square shape. You then cut the brownies into triangular pieces and attach a stick to them for your kids to hold. A pretzel should serve this purpose perfectly.

The main difference with other brownies is in the Christmas tree decorations. You will then decorate the brownies with green frosting and sparkles. Your kids could eat these brownies all day.

Instant Pot Brats

Stepping away from the sweets for a moment, there are excellent recipes for sausage that are perfect for the holiday season. Making instant pot brats is one of them.

The instant Italian pot brat recipe is great for a big meal during the holidays. You can get many great recipes for brats online. They are perfect to enjoy with a beer or an ale around the holidays. Instant pot brats are a fantastic alternative for when you don’t have a lot of time such as when you have surprise guests during the holidays. It is also easy for your kids to learn how to make them.

Christmas Tacos

We all love tacos and enjoy them throughout the year. However, for the holidays, you and your kids should experiment with Christmas-themed tacos to change it up for the season.

The recipe includes slow-cooked short ribs for meat marinated with pomegranate juice, chiles, and cinnamon. The flavor is incredible and your kids will be clamoring for the mouthwatering treats. They should also have a lot of fun gathering all the various toppings. There are other creative things you can do with this season’s Taco twist. You and your kids can enjoy building the tacos with different tortillas.

Crockpot Candy

As you know, kids love candy and during the cold festive season, candy is a great treat and the sugar can be easily burned off playing in the snow. Spending an afternoon making candy with your children will be a highlight of your holiday. An easy crockpot candy recipe involves using a slow cooker to melt almond bark and chocolate chips with peanuts. You need to be very careful as too short or too long a time in the crockpot and the results will be undesirable.

Your kids will enjoy adding the parchment and sprinkles to the candy as well as the tasting before the candy is ready. The result will be amazing candy that you can eat immediately or store for a later date.

Chocolate Pudding Pie

Chocolate, pudding, and pie are definitely three of your kid’s favorite foods. So, when you put them all together, you will see their faces light up like never before.

The chocolate pudding pie recipe is pretty straightforward and involves making a homemade graham cracker crust and a rich filling of instant chocolate pudding. You can then top it up with whip cream and strawberries if you like.

Your kids will certainly enjoy making these treats as it can get messy and there are so many ingredients to include. The pie will probably become a favorite to enjoy throughout the holidays.

Holiday Recipes Perfect to Cook For Your Kids

The above recipes will help you make meals and snacks to imbue your kitchen with the holiday spirit. Have your kids be as involved as possible because it is about the process, not the result.

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