The Finishing Touches: How to Make Your Paint Bright and Shiny

How to Make Your Paint Bright and Shiny

 The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in 2020, so much so that many of us are spending much more time at home due to losing our jobs or being under quarantine. This has meant that people have had to find new hobbies to do from within the home, as getting out and about is difficult. Some people have embraced the internet whilst others are doing all they can to get fit. 

One of the most popular choices, however, is DIY because all of those jobs that you spent years putting off can now be done as you have all the time in the world on your hands. DIY comes in many different forms, but painting is one of those jobs that can be done by the entire family together and it can also make a real difference to your home as it brightens it up and gives it a new perspective. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to make your paint bright and shiny so that you have the perfect finish, so read on to find out more.

How to Make Your Paint Bright and Shiny


The secret to any paint job is to use the right paint. There are so many different types on the market, for a novice it can be difficult to know what to use. There are primers, emulsions, glosses, and satins, then there are specialist paints for covering up mold or damp or rust, and then you have to worry about whether to use water-based or oil-based paint, as they will require different brushes and cleaning materials. If this sounds like a nightmare, it needn’t be, as there is plenty of advice on the internet about what to use on different types of surfaces, and failing that you can always go to your local DIY store and discuss your plans with an expert. The secret to getting a nice shiny finish is to use the correct paint for the surface that you are painting on to, so don’t scrimp at this stage.


The way that you apply your paint will have a significant bearing on the finish that you are able to achieve, and using good quality brushes and rollers is paramount if you want a bright and shiny finish. High-quality brushes may be expensive but they will give you a streak-free finish and you are less likely to be left with loose hairs from the brush in your drying paint, which will ruin the final look. Brushes, if looked after, will last a lifetime, and can be used in both oil and water-based paints alike, as well as with varnishes, so purchasing one set at the outset really does make sense. When using a roller, you are looking for a sleeve that isn’t full of bobbles, as this will allow you to have as smooth and shiny a finish as possible without constantly having to pull bits out of the drying paint. 


Using paintbrushes and rollers isn’t the only way of applying paint. Sure, these are the most simple methods, but if you really want a professional level finish, then you will need to use a spray gun. The beauty of a spray gun for homeowners is that you can get a great consistency over your thickness levels which means that there is less likely to be any shadowing which will spoil the final sheen. Spray guns are also great for those hard to reach areas where you may have lighting that would highlight any rough spots, so they are essential if you are looking for that perfect finish. They are also not as messy as you might think, especially the airless models, so consider hiring one for those big jobs with hard to reach areas.


One of the most important stages if you want a bright and shiny finish is the preparation stage. If the material that you are painting is rough or full of holes, then you have no hope of the finish that you are looking for. 

All wooden surfaces should be sanded as smooth as possible, and any holes should be filled with the appropriate filler and then sanded back to level. This part of the job is time-consuming, but it is essential if you are looking for the perfect finish.

How to Make Your Paint Bright and Shiny

As we have learned, achieving a bright and shiny finish is perfectly possible if you follow a few simple steps. Ensure that you are using the right paint and the right equipment for the job, and consider using a spray gun for those tough to reach areas that require the smoothest finish possible. Finally, make sure you spend as much time on the preparation work as you do on the final job, and then you will come away with the brightest and shiniest finish possible. 

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