How To Replace The Older Parts Of Your House And Ensure Safety

When updating and modernizing your home, you want to ensure you are being safe. Replacing the older parts of the house can be a tedious job as you maintain the integrity of the house whilst repairing, fixing, and updating. If you are in this position right now and want to ensure you do this in the best way possible, stay tuned. Here are the best ways to replace older parts of your house and stay safe. 

How To Replace Older Parts Of House


If you are replacing parts due to repairs that need to be carried out, ensure you address the root causes of the issues. Replacing something superficially is a temporary fix and if it is not dealt with properly, the issue can occur again.

Understanding how the home was built and developed can help make it easier to find out the root cause. This also helps to ensure repair work is carried out correctly. By understanding the structure and the materials used, you can begin to understand how these materials change as they age and what kind of decay may exist. This can help make it easier to carry out the repairs effectively and safely. 

External Walls

You may need to replace your external brick walls for a variety of reasons. This can include structural problems, crumbling of bricks, or damp walls. Overtime bricks can become damp and can damage due to freezing. Other times salt comes to the surface of the walls which then causes decay. 

One way to fix this damage is through a coat of render. Rendering is the application of a cementitious blend, providing a weatherproof coating and unites the mortar and bricks. 

A major aspect of external brick walls are the mortar joints, if damaged these will need to be repointed. Repointing is when the outer layer of the joints are refilled. Many times you will notice that older brick buildings show signs of being repointed several times, usually with different mortar styles and mixes. 


Replacing the roof of your home is one of the bigger jobs. The importance of a working, good quality roof should not be underestimated t. An old roof can cause all kinds of issues, such as water leaks and other damage. There are different kinds of options you can opt for when replacing residential roofing systems, such as asphalt composition shingles, metal roofs, slate roofs, or clay tile, etc. Do some research into what kind would work best for you so that the replacement roof is the most effective and safe choice. 

How To Replace Older Parts Of House


Typically, older windows leak more air and tend to lose more heat compared to new windows. Replacing old windows can also save money in the long term as less energy will be wasted. Replacing windows safely can be a DIY job. As long as you have the tools, the time, and the willingness to learn how to do it correctly, you can replace old windows yourself. The tools you will need include a utility knife, pry bar, pliers, caulking gun, and a handsaw. If you don’t have these yourself, you can borrow from a family member or friend. 

When replacing old windows, you may have to opt for custom-sized windows. Many old windows have different size frames compared to what you find today. Usually, you cannot replace them with standard windows as you will be left with big gaps. You probably also don’t want to knock out your walls to make space for replacement windows. A custom-sized window is your best bet if your current window sizes are incompatible with standard windows. 


Rewiring an entire home is a huge job and can be expensive. Due to how unsafe it is to leave damaged wiring, this is a necessary replacement. Just because the wiring is old, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is damaged. An inspection should be carried out to check. Rewiring doesn’t just ensure safety, it is also a chance to add modern touches to the home, for example, more sockets and switches for applications or devices. 

A rewiring job is not something an amateur can do. For your safety it is important to rely on professional services. 

Replacing an older home can be a costly job; however, it is important for your safety and can increase your home’s value. If you want a certain look for your home or you want to spruce it up, ensure you rely on professional input where needed in order to give your home the safest and most effective updates. Even with the smaller jobs, ensure you do your research so you can make informed decisions regarding materials, tools, and methods. 

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