There Might Be Change in the Future

I mentioned before that I’m a military kid and most people call us military brats but we’re just like every kid on the block with the exception that our mommies and daddies leave us for months on end to go to a foreign country to help keep our country free. There are times when they leave for training for some time as well but they are closer in distance because they’re right here in the good old USA.

Well mommy came home with the news today that she might be PCS’ing to another duty station very soon. For those that aren’t military, PCS means Permanent Change of Station (although its not really permanent) and the move can be CONUS (in the Continental US) or OCONUS (outside the Continental US). Either way there will be a move.

I was born at my mommy’s current duty station so I haven’t yet had to move but my brothers and sisters have and they weren’t too happy. My big sister is going to be a senior in high school and she was very upset because she wants to stay and be with her new friends. My brothers don’t care too much and neither do I. Mommy says to think of it as a Pleasant Change of Scenery.

I don’t like when mommy goes away without me but it might be interesting to go along with her this time. Will I like my new place? Will I be able to take my new pets with me? Will I have a backyard complete with my swing set? So many questions and no-one knows the answer. I do know one thing though, I would like to take a road trip to wherever we’re going. It will be fun to see the other states on our way there.

That would definitely make for an interesting blog post. Road trip, plus little me and pictures. Can it get any better than that?

Another thing I really want to say is that I’m really proud of my mommy!

A pic of me wearing mommy’s PC. 

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