Sleep Comfortable on a Nolah Mattress {Giveaway}

Today you get a sneak peek into my room, it’s definitely not an interior decorator’s dream but it’s all mine. My post today is coming to you courtesy of Nolah Mattress and their amazing mattress. Before I go into detail about their mattress, I first need to tell you my story. I suffer from back pain and I’ve posted about it quite a few times. I was a medic in the US Army and you would think that my work was easy, but it wasn’t. We’re talking about carrying around a 60lb medic supply bag, and don’t forget your firearm while being fully protected in your body gear. We would go on 10k marches dressed like that when not in combat and when you are, be prepared to have on your body armor 24/7. Now after years of doing this, my back hurt and it hurt really bad. I’ve seen countless chiropractors, done physical therapy and I’m currently doing yoga. However, at night, you also want to have a comfortable sleep and preferably without the aches and pains. I had to have a good mattress that doesn’t hurt or aggravate my back pain. Before I got the Nolah Mattress, I had a very expensive mattress which consisted of springs, but I’ve had it for quite a few years and I noticed that it was starting to feel uncomfortable so I was excited to give the Nolah Air Foam Mattress a try.

Here’s a little info about Nolah Mattress.

While they are an online company, they are however an American company, based in Denver, Colorado, my currently adopted home state. They are very passionate about sleep, technology, the great outdoors and adventures. They not only care about the way you sleep, but they also care about the wellbeing of our endangered wildlife. For every mattress you purchase, they also adopt an endangered American animal through their charity partner Defenders of Wildlife. 

I’m a big fan of dolphins so when I chose my mattress I decided to help the dolphins.

Now I have a king sized bed and my former mattress, came to me via a delivery company and was placed on my bed for me. The packaging was bulky and needed to be done by more than one person. I received my King sized Nolah Mattress (76″ x 80″) in a box, yes, you read that correctly, it arrived in a box and vacuumed sealed. It was not only convenient but made it easy to move to it’s final destination on my bed. Once taken out of the box I placed it on my box spring, removed the outer plastic wrap and it inflated on my bed, just like magic.

Now I’ve purchased a vacuum sealed mattress before for my kids and it was recommended that you let it inflate for at least 24 – 48hrs before you can sleep on it. Not so with the Nolah Mattress. You can sleep on it immediately, which is one thing that I just loved about it. Another is the mattress cover. You may not see this, but the cover design itself is inspired by nature and our beautiful Colorado mountains. It symbolizes the sun rising above the horizon and the mountains below.

Now I’ve slept on many hotel beds and have even slept in a few 5 star hotels in my lifetime and the one thing I’ve always noticed and loved has been their mattresses. I thought that I would never be able to afford anything quite as comfortable, but I can say that this is very comparable to those, and at more than 1/2 off the prices those other mattresses are being sold for. The Nolah Mattress is sold for 1/2 of the retail price because they cut out the middle man. And their guarantee is amazing. You get a risk free 120 night in home trial, that’s 4 months to try out your new mattress and if you don’t like it you get to return it for a full refund. I’m talking FREE Shipping to you and FREE Return if you don’t love it and a FULL REFUND, who else offer such a guarantee? And IF (which I doubt you will) you return your mattress, they donate it to a local charity, thus making sure that your mattress is put to good use.

So what makes the Nolah Mattress so amazing?

1. The Nolah Air Foam™ doesn’t contain Viscoelastic chemicals such as the regular Memory Foam does, so it keeps you cooler, especially during the summer and is considered 100% temperature neutral.

2. You get a 15 year warranty and a risk-free 120 nights in-home trial period.

3. Free Shipping, Free Return and Full Refund if you’re not satisfied.

4. You help protect our endangered American wildlife, thus in turn doing something great for our planet.

5. Available in a variety of sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King

6. Made right here in the USA

My Final Thoughts:

You’re sleeping on a luxurious high quality mattress without paying the exorbitant fee usually associated with such a mattress. You get a comfortable sleep at night and you stay cooler during the hotter months. You get a mattress that contours to your body and helps to relieve pressure on your hips and back areas and is the perfect mattress for those suffering from back pain. AND you’re getting a mattress that gives you an unparalleled level of sleep, comfort and support. I have to admit that this is one of the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on and while I still do have back pains, because of course they don’t go away completely, it has certainly helped me, and have given me back my love of sleeping. I am now sleeping comfortably on a Nolah Mattress and I most certainly recommend them to everyone!

Now for the giveaway that you’ve all been waiting for. One of lucky Growing Up Madison reader will win the mattress of their choice from Nolah Mattress. The winner will be randomly selected by PromoSimple and will have 48hrs to respond to the winning email. Failure to do so will mean forfeiting your prize and a new winner will be chosen. Prize will be delivered by Nolah Mattress. Good luck!

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