7 Trendy DIY Home Improvements for 2020

Trendy DIY Home Improvements for 2020

Now that we’re all spending more time at home than ever before, it’s prime time for DIY in all areas of the home. Whether you’re renovating to stay or sell, it pays to be on top of this year’s trends so that you’ll feel a little happier in your home over the next few months (and years). Here are some of the best options for DIY-savvy renovators in 2020.

Trendy DIY Home Improvements for 2020


They say you have to spend money to make money, and in this case, that saying rings true. As financial stability becomes more important, investing in things like solar energy, insulation, and other energy-efficient upgrades will pay off, now and in the future. Renovations with a focus on sustainability are also becoming more popular in response to climate change and dramatic weather patterns, so if you’ve got a green thumb, now is the perfect time to use it!


In many homes, the kitchen holds the undisputed title of the messiest room, and keeping it tidy can feel like a losing battle, but all you really need is a few clever storage solutions. Start by installing rollout storage in your cupboards, an upgrade that will allow you to use all of that precious space without leaving your pots and pans gathering dust at the back. Then, attach a few floating wall-mount shelves above the bench for your cookbooks and other miscellaneous items, and before you know it, the kitchen will feel brand new (not to mention far more spacious).


If you think the garden isn’t an essential part of your renovation plans, it’s time to think again. Most backyards are full of value-adding potential, and projects here are often much cheaper than those in the more expensive areas of the house. All you really need is a touch of inspiration, which can be found anywhere from the pages of home improvement magazines to video tutorials on YouTube, or even the neighbor’s yard – just don’t let them catch you stealing their style! Finish things off with a screened canopy or shaded seating area, and you’ll be looking forward to those warm summer nights.

Trendy DIY Home Improvements for 2020


As flooring options go, carpet is one of the cheapest out there, which means you can expect a great return on your investment (and a warmer home come wintertime). The trouble is that carpets typically need replacing fairly regularly, especially in rooms that get a lot of use, so aim for something durable. You should also think carefully before choosing a color, as light shades are a risky move for any family with young children, budding artists, or lovers of red wine.


Nothing freshens up your home quite like a brand new paint job, and it can be surprisingly easy and cheap to do. This renovation option is for anyone who struggles to commit to a trend, since you can easily change your mind and paint a new shade over the top. It’s also an excellent opportunity to fill any holes with a putty knife. If you’re really keen, you could even decide to take on the finicky task of painting over the tile backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen. At the same time, those who prefer something less high-maintenance might be just as happy with a timeless (and inexpensive) wallpaper pattern.


It’s probably the last thing on your mind when the subject of home renovations comes up, but it’s always a great (and cheap) idea to install new, eye-catching house numbers. Not only will it make your home seem that much more inviting to anyone who comes around, but it will also stand out to the UberEATS driver tasked with delivering your order, so you’re effectively giving yourself the gift of hot dinners. Win-win!


This one is for optimistic DIYers who are keen to make their hard work count. If you were to list “cost-cutting renovations”, bathrooms probably wouldn’t make the cut, but it is possible to make a positive impact without dipping into your savings. As long as you’ve got the brains and brawn to remove old, unwanted fixtures and repair any damage to the walls, you can get that new-bathroom feeling in a weekend with nothing more than a new vanity countertop, a mirror, and a fresh lick of paint.

Trendy DIY Home Improvements for 2020

Taking on home renovations DIY-style can seem a little intimidating, but with plenty of time and determination, you might be surprised by just how much can be done. Don’t be afraid to use all of the advice and information available to you – even a quick search of the internet can yield results that could save you some serious time and money and provide you with the right inspiration to realize your vision. 

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