Brilliant Ways To Keep The Kids Busy Over Christmas Break

As Christmas draws closer, it’s time to make a plan to keep the kids entertained while they’re out of school. Since most schools allow students at least a week away from the classroom, it’ll be up to you to help them stay busy and combat boredom. Making plans to occupy so much time can be tough, but with a little forward thinking and creativity, you’re sure to come up with plenty of ways to keep your kiddos entertained.

In need of a little inspiration? Here are just a few brilliant ways to keep the kids busy over Christmas break:


Challenge your little ones to come up with their very own holiday performance to share with the family. They can create a song, make a movie, plan a puppet show, or find some other way to retell a classic Christmas story or come up with their own tale to tell. If you really want to go all-out, help them create costumes and build sets out of cardboard boxes and craft supplies.


Christmas break can be the perfect time to coordinate a sleepover with your child’s friends. Invite one or two of their friends over to spend the night, or see if another parent is willing to host and send your kiddo off for an evening with friends. Let them watch movies, snack on popcorn, and play games late into the night.


Whether you live in or near a well-known tourist destination or you’re far from any famous attractions, you can have a surprising amount of fun visiting all of the places your hometown is best known for. Look for unique local museums, roadside novelties, or fun family-friendly experiences to share for an easy way to spend a day of your child’s Christmas break.


If it’s been a while since your kid’s bedroom has had a facelift, it might be time to consider moving around furniture to give things a new look and feel. Your little ones can absolutely help organize and shuffle around furniture, and it can also serve as an excellent opportunity to identify clothes they’ll no longer wear or toys they don’t play with to donate.


Even if your kids aren’t particularly interested in learning to cook, being able to prepare food for oneself is a valuable life skill best learned at an early age. Take advantage of the extra time you get to spend with your kids by teaching them how to cook their favorite foods. Whip up homemade mac and cheese, bake some cookies from scratch, or try your hand at whatever they decide they’d like to learn!

From finding ways to have at fun to getting out of the house to explore, there are plenty of things you can do to combat boredom during your child’s Christmas break. Do some research ahead of time and enter the holiday season equipped with ways to keep your kids entertained, and you’ll have a much more pleasant holiday experience.

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