Breakfast With the Family on a Sunday

It’s Sunday and I haven’t done a personal post in a while. A post where I just talk about me and what’s going on with me instead of reviewing a product for a company. Sure I love getting new and exciting stuff, who doesn’t? I just like being me sometimes and being able to share with you my readers how my day went sans review.

I had a rather exciting day yesterday, I got to try out 2 awesome products that I’ll be introducing to you soon. For those following me on Instagram and my Facebook page you got a sneak peak yesterday. Today though was a whole new day.

I got up very early, way earlier than mommy liked on a Sunday. Mommy was still fast asleep in her bed and I needed company so I decided to pay mommy a visit and hit her with the TV remote. It was the only way I could think of to wake her up quickly. She sure got up quickly enough and I got the remote taken away from me. I wanted mommy up and it didn’t matter how she got up as long as she got up. After all she promised me that today we were going to one of our favorite place to eat breakfast. The International House of Pancakes. Now all I had to do was wake up my siblings and we could be on our way.

My big brother Kyle was the last to wake. I was able to wake Mikael but Kyle sleeps on the top of their bunk bed and because I couldn’t climb up there was no way for me to wake him. Lucky!

Now a trip to IHOP means that I needed to get dressed. I wanted to dress in my usual jeans but mommy said “no Madison, you’re going to look pretty today”. Did that even make sense? Who gets pretty to eat breakfast? I’m a messy eater and I thought a tee and jeans would have worked perfectly for breakfast. I’m only a toddler so I guess what do I know. So I got dressed in a “pretty” dress and off to IHOP we went only to have to wait for a table/booth for almost 20 minutes.

Why do grownups go out to eat and have to wait so long when you could make yourself something at home in less time and for less than the restaurants charge you as well? I hope I grow up to be a smarter grownup. Well we finally got our table and then it was all about waiting for my food to arrive as well. At least they got my drink to me right away. My own delicious apple juice.

Mommy lets me order from the kids menu and today I decided to try something new. I wanted to try an omelette. I’ve had an omelette at home but I wanted to see how good theirs was. Was it going to taste as good as mommy’s omelette? My omelette came with fruit and I have to say that I much preferred my fruit a lot more than I did my omelette. I ended up not eating a lot of it but after you see mommy’s plate you’ll understand why.

I actually preferred mommy’s meal a whole lot better than my own. Now why couldn’t I have something as beautiful as what mommy got. She did share her breakfast with me but next time I want my very own. Their French Vanilla Stuffed French Toast topped with strawberries was totally delish.

I do know what I also want the next time I go back to breakfast. I want my brothers to stay at home! There is nothing worse than having annoying brothers sitting next to you who won’t stop talking. Oh how I wished he would stop talking. Next time mommy let the boys stay home and take me alone with you. It would be cheaper too. See that way I’m saving you money.

So how is your Sunday going? Did you go out for breakfast as well or did you stay at home and make your own delicious meal? Share it with me.

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