6 Cool Gift Ideas Teens Will Surely Love


There are few better feelings in life than seeing the look on a loved one’s face when they open a present you have put a lot of thought into. Even when you are very close to someone, however, it is not always easy to buy the right gift. Teenagers can be particularly tricky to buy for, especially if you are not a teenager yourself, as it can be so difficult to stay up to date with the latest teen trends. What you remember being the coolest gadget of last year may well be yesterday’s news in the eyes of teenagers now.

To help anyone who is struggling to find the right present, here are 6 cool gift ideas that teens will surely love.

Gift Ideas for Teens

1. A Hoverboard

Hoverboards have become seriously hot items among teens and older kids and they are such a fun way to get around. All that a user needs to do is stand on the hoverboard and lean forward in order to get it to move. If you are looking to shop for hoverboards, there are certain features you need to look out for. Make sure the board is stable, balanced, and easy to maneuver. There are various cool accessories that can be added to a hoverboard such as a hoverkart kit which will turn it into a go-kart. This will enable the teen to mix up their hover experience so that it is an even cooler gift.

2. A Bluetooth Speaker

Many teenagers love music and whether they are into the latest pop tunes or Drake’s newest track, a portable Bluetooth speaker is a perfect way for them to listen to music wherever they are. A Bluetooth speaker can be synced with a smartphone, tablet, or computer so no matter what device the teen has, they will be able to use it to play their music. Many teens like to take their speaker to the beach or on outdoor activities so when choosing between the various options you should look for one which is waterproof and durable. This will help to keep the speaker safe and functional for years to come.

3. A Streaming Service Subscription

Streaming services are very popular among teens because they can watch their favorite TV shows and movies wherever and whenever they want. Netflix has long been the most popular service but recently Amazon Prime and Disney Plus have also seen a big rise in subscribers. Look at the different series and movies available on each subscription service and see which one has your teen recipient’s favorites. For many teens, series like the Mandalorian and the upcoming Marvel shows are making Disney Plus the best choice of streaming service.

4. A Smartwatch

Smartwatches are very useful gadgets which make great presents for teens as they have so many different functions. The various models of the smartwatch can be used like smartphones, music players, and even fitness trackers, all in one easy device which fits on your wrist. Teens can also use their smartwatches to message their friends, stay up to date with social media, and even take phone calls. With the newest Apple smartwatch significantly cheaper than an iPad or iPhone, it is a fantastic alternative to gifts to teens.

Gift Ideas for Teens

5. A Leather Toiletry Bag

Many teens love to groom and look their best and a fashionable leather toiletry bag is the ideal gift for them to take to their friends’ houses for sleepovers, or when they go away with family. There are so many photos in the media of celebrities carrying their favorite Gucci and Louis Vuitton toiletry bags on planes and through airports, and while you certainly don’t need to splash that kind of money, choosing something a little special is sure to come with a huge “Thank you!”

6. An E-Reader

An e-reader is a fantastic gift for a teen because they can use it both for their own reading and reduce the number of books they need to carry around for school. There are literally millions of books available for download now so no matter what kind of literature they enjoy, they will be able to build up a huge digital library. One great thing about digital books is most of the classics are available to download for free.

Choosing the right gift can really make someone’s day (or year!) but it is often easier said than done. With teenagers notoriously difficult to buy for, there are so many of us who feel overwhelmed every time a birthday or special occasion comes round. Try giving one of the cool gift ideas on this list and you will be sure to put a smile on the face of the special teenager in your life.

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