Put Our Generation Under the Tree This Christmas

If you have little girls in your life you know without a doubt that they are in love with dolls. Dolls have been around for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl it was the one thing that I asked for every Christmas. Your little girls and boys can learn a lot from playing with dolls believe it or not. From hand to eye coordination when dressing the dolls, to learning how to pretend play. Pretend play helps foster your kids imagination and kids with imaginations are some of the brightest kids there is. This year we were lucky to once again work with Our Generation Dolls and this year we got to  review their doll Karmyn and the Our Generation Retro Diner. They are both available at your local Target store and because they’re inexpensive doesn’t mean that Our Generation is lacking in quality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s talk about the Our Generation Doll Karmyn who is 18″ tall. She comes complete with a dress, tights, a poncho, underwear and a pair of shoes, all of which are removable. The fun thing about Karmyn is that you can accessorize her with the Our Generation accessories (sold separately). Our Generation also sells for their 18″ dolls so you can also switch out her style. Our Generation dolls are extremely affordable so if you have a tight budget then she is perfect to add to your list.

Your little one will love her lifelike features and her beautiful long brunette hair which you style any way you like. Her arms and legs are movable and her body is soft so she’s totally huggable. Her eyes open and close so you can pretend that she’s going to sleep. Our Generation dolls are very well made and Madison still has her doll that she received last year. If you have a toddler/pre-schooler who is tough on her dolls the Our Generation is perfect for her, but just don’t take my word for it. Check them out at Target.

Now Madison couldn’t wait to open the Our Generation Retro Diner. This is one that she has been looking at for quite some time every time we go to Target. Imagine her surprise when it showed up and every day I would hear. Are we going to open it now? So I finally did and I think I have one of the happiest girls in the universe.

The Retro Diner comes complete with EVERYTHING you’re going to need to open a diner. From the chalkboard menu where we were able to put a menu together, to the old fashioned juke box which actually plays 6 songs. The diner also lights up at the counter and I have to tell you that it looks great at night.

The Retro Diner fits all your 18″ dolls and even those smaller than 18″. Madison had a blast pretending that she was serving her dolls food. I was truly amazed at all the pieces that it came with. Here’s the list of items you receive and don’t worry you can store them safely behind the counter.

1 diner

2 stools

2 knives

2 forks,

2 spoons

2 bowls

2 glasses

1 drink pitcher

4 dishes

1 cake tray with 1 lid

1 napkin holder

1 salt shaker

1 pepper shaker

1 sugar shaker

1 vinegar bottle

1 mustard and 1 ketchup bottle

1 hamburger with bun top and bottom

meat patty

pickles and lettuce

1 grilled cheese sandwich,

1 hot dog with bun

1 smoked meat dish

1 spaghetti dish

1 fish sticks dish

1 basket of french fries

1 bowl of tomato soup

2 bacon strips

1 serving of sausages

1 serving of fried eggs

9 cupcakes

6 heart cookies

9 doughnuts

1 ice cream sundae

1 ice cream cup

1 cake with one removable piece

1 pie with one removable piece

1 pie tray

1 pancake dish

1 brownie ice cream dish

2 soda bottle

1 milkshake

2 juice drinks

1 coffee pot

1 cup of coffee and 1 saucer

1 pencil

1 order pad

6 paper bills

3 coins

1 piece of chalk

Madison had an amazing time playing with both the Our Generation Doll Karmyn and the Retro Diner. This is truly one gift that your little ones would love to see under the tree this Christmas. Even if you already own a doll I would say the Retro Diner would surely delight. Might even bring back a few memories for some of you. Don’t forget your milkshake! Our Generation definitely got Madison’s TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Let’s discuss: What do you think of the Our Generation Doll and Retro Diner? 

Here are the ways to connect with Our Generation:

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