The Art of Relaxation: Ways to Create a Calming Bathroom Retreat

In the past, bathrooms served a strict purpose: to maintain your hygiene. However, today, bathrooms have become spaces that exude relaxation and can satisfy all of the user’s hygiene, beauty, pampering and relaxation needs. Modern bathrooms are a tiny portion of the private haven where people can forget about all the troubles of the world and devote time to themselves and their own needs. However, not every space has this Zen vibe. Here’s how you can transform your bathroom into a calming and relaxing retreat.

Opt for minimalism 

The first thing you need to do is pick an interior design style. There are so many gorgeous styles perfect for the bathroom, but probably the best one is minimalism. Minimalism has a sort of elegance that is simple, clutter-free and clean, just the way every relaxing bathroom needs to look like. Clutter can create an atmosphere that might look messy and overpowering, which can affect your mental state. In order to achieve ultimate relaxation, it’s very important to keep the space decoration simple and aesthetically pleasing. Enough closed storage will help you maintain the clean and uncluttered look of minimalism and help you clear your mind and relax.

Pick the right color scheme 

As you probably know, colors can have a great effect on the human state of mind, so try to opt for a palette that is soothing and neutral. It’s not only the perfect palette for minimalism, but it also helps create an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and the feeling of cleanliness and tidiness. For instance, white, gray and soft beige can serve as the perfect backdrop for your bathroom furniture and fixtures. Natural colors like soft greens and blues inspire relaxation, while a few darker details add a note of luxury and surprise that will not disturb minimalism. Marble, wood and stone have an elegant effect that is a perfect addition to every Zen bathroom.

Choose your floors wisely

Many people completely neglect flooring. However, it is vastly important as not only provides you with comfort for your feet, but also helps improve the aesthetic appeal of the space. Natural based materials like concrete, stone or marble give your bathroom an organic vibe that goes hand in hand with minimalism. Additionally, these materials also conduct temperature well, so you can treat your feet with radiant floors. Heated floors, although invisible, add a touch of luxury you’ll certainly appreciate, especially during winter pampering sessions.

The right bathtub

It’s almost impossible to achieve ultimate bathroom relaxation without elegant bathtubs. After a long day, there’s nothing better than preparing a glass of wine, hopping into your tub and giving yourself a true pampering. From stone freestanding models to concealed ones, they will all serve as a beautiful centerpiece of your space. Just get some bath bombs or essential oils for the ultimate experience!

Nature for the ultimate relaxation

Nature has a superpower to make people feel safe and relaxed. That’s why many spas and retreats try to bring nature inside and expose people to it as much as they can. In order to replicate the effect, bring some nature into your bathroom. Some greenery will only do well for you and your space: it adds a splash of color, helps clean out the air and makes people calm and focused. You can also use other natural elements as decoration. For instance, some wooden details, stone sinks or marble countertops will boost your organic vibe even more. If you have a shower, you can replace your regular shower head with a rainfall shower head that will make you feel like you’re on some tropical island, without ever leaving your bathroom!

Elegant lighting

Lighting also plays a huge role in creating a beautiful and relaxing bathroom vibe. You can go very small and subtle with shaded lamps and scented candles that provide a soft and romantic illumination that evokes peace. On the other hand, a luxurious crystal chandelier can add a touch of style and elegance. Opulent chandeliers can still be used in minimalism, just keep the rest of the accessories at a minimum. A simple geometric pendant might give you more freedom with other décor pieces though.

A touch of luxury

You can easily achieve a touch of luxury in your space with a few strategically placed items. For instance, you can cover your walls with metallic wallpapers with simple, geometric design. Adding a lush armchair with soft pillows will create an interesting, yet cost-effective element that will improve coziness and relaxation. Elegant faucets and cabinet hardware can also play a significant role, especially if you opt for a rich finish and gilded details. Matte is a super popular finish today, perfect for industrial and minimalist spaces because it attracts just the right amount of attention.

These design tips will help you create a perfect relaxation oasis and improve the overall style of your home. You’ll have a space that provides you with comfort, coziness and all the pampering you certainly deserve.

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