5 Tips for An Amazing Great Wolf Lodge Vacation

We received a weekend of fun at Great Wolf Lodge; however, all opinions are mine alone.

Have you been considering a stay at Great Wolf Lodge? Today, I want to share with you how you can have a fantastic Great Wolf Lodge vacation once you decide to visit.

Come for the water, stay for the fun! We were recently invited to Great Wolf Lodge for a fabulous weekend of fun, and boy did we have fun! Great Wolf Lodge is not your ordinary humdrum hotel, but rather an indoor water park that your family will just relish, and it’s all included with your hotel stay. There is no extra cost to enjoy the waterpark.

However, besides the water park, there are lots of activities for the kids, not only during the day but also at night. During the day the kids can enjoy activities such as character appearances, and the Forest Friends Show where the characters come to life. At night there is storytime to keep them occupied for some downtime before bed. So how else can you have an amazing time at Great Wolf Lodge? Here are 5 ways!

1. Come prepared to have fun 

First of all, be ready to have fun, both during the day and at night! During check-in, you’ll receive a schedule of all the activities that will be held daily, so plan your day and night accordingly. While Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel, it is very laid-back, so there’s no need to get all dressed up. You’ll be just as comfortable in a swim coverup as you will in shorts and a tee, so take along your comfiest clothing. Madison actually walked around the hotel in her swimsuit for most of her trip, while I walked around in a coverup.

2. Enjoy early and late access to the waterpark

While check-in is at 4 pm, you have access to the waterpark as early as 1 pm on the day of your arrival, and you can stay until the waterpark closes on your departure. It’s like getting 2 days for the price of 1. The water park is also less crowded when it first opens at 8:30 am and about an hour before closing at 10 pm, which is considered non-peak hours. The lines are shorter at those times, and you’ll be able to appreciate it so much more then. The waterpark is equipped with lifeguards, so you can feel safer knowing that your little ones are in good hands. However, there are also complimentary lifejackets for extra safety.

3. Consider getting a Pass (Pup, Paw, or Wolf)

While you’re going to love the water park, there will come a time when you just want to relax and do the other activities that are available. After all, you can’t stay in the water all day, can you? At least, not unless you want to end up looking like a prune. With that being said, some activities may cost you extra, such as MagiQuest or even the Glitz Glitter Tattoo. Purchasing a pass will enable you to save on these extras, as they aren’t included with the price of your room as the waterpark is.

4. Take a break and enjoy non-water-park activities 

While Great Wolf Lodge is known for its waterpark, there are lots of other activities for kids of all ages. MagiQuest is excellent for kids and adults alike and is an adventure game that will have you exploring the lodge on the adventure of a lifetime. What I love about MagiQuest is that you get to take home your wand and you can bring it back the next time you visit Great Wolf Lodge and play all over again.

However, there are also:

  • Northern Lights Arcade – great for all ages, win tickets that you can then redeem for prizes.
  • Creation Station animal – you can create your own Great Wolf Lodge animal which you can then take on a unique Clubhouse Crew Adventure.
  • One Oliver’s Mining Co. Experience – kids can enjoy mining for special rocks and gems.
  • Bowling at Ten Paw Alley – everyone can enjoy a good game of bowling, and you don’t even need the shoes.
  • Northern Lights Arcade – great for all ages, win tickets that you can then redeem for prizes.
  • Howl in One Mini Golf – the younger kids, will thoroughly enjoy a game of mini-golf.
  • Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall – get harnessed, and rock climb your way up 21ft to the summit
  • Howlers Peak Rope Course – here you get to test your balance on a rope course, which Mikael below just LOVED! 
  • … and so much more

5. Don’t forget the food

We loved the food at Great Wolf Lodge, and there are restaurants for every palate. From pizza to steak, there’s something for everyone. My husband and I enjoyed the Bison Burger at the Barnwood restaurant, where adults can also imbibe in a glass of wine or two. If you’re looking for something different, there are even a few exclusives that you can only find at Great Wolf Lodge, one such being The Tipping Bucket, which consists of a souvenir bucket layered with soft serve vanilla ice cream, brownies, cookies, and candy pieces, and topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. You’re going to need a few extra spoons for this one!

With all the activities available, I suggest making a plan or schedule daily, however, don’t feel that you’re obligated to do it all. Visit the Great Wolf Lodge website and take a look at all activities and decide on what you want to do, however, this is a vacation, after all, so treat it as a vacation. If the kids want to play in the waterpark all day long, let them. Great Wolf Lodge is all about having the time of your life, and hopefully, with our tips, you will have a fantastic Great Wolf Lodge vacation!

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We received a weekend of fun at Great Wolf Lodge; however, all opinions are mine alone.
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