How To Make Your Staycation Feel More Like A Vacation

While nothing can truly replace the experience of going on a trip and experiencing someplace new with friends and family, a staycation can be a great way to relax and recharge when you’re faced with time or budget constraints. While staying at home may not sound like the most exciting way to spend a few days, there are definitely things you can do to enhance your experience and have some fun together.

If you’re looking for a way to kick back and take a break with family without the hassle of booking a flight and paying for a hotel, here are a handful of ways you can make your staycation feel more like a vacation:


A surprisingly challenging yet straightforward way to make your time away from work feel like you’ve taken a real vacation? Ignore your inbox. Resist the temptation to open work emails when they come through and put up an ‘out of office’ to let colleagues know when to expect a response. When you’re on a real vacation, you’re often too busy experiencing your destination to spend much time online, but staycations often involve a little more downtime, making it easy to sneak online and fire off a few messages. Turn off your email notifications to make it easier to keep them out of mind.


While lounging around the house for a few days might seem fine, you should put your time to better use and get out a little bit. If it’s been a while since you’ve visited your town’s main tourist attractions – or you’ve never had a chance to experience them – make a plan to check them out. You may even get a discount on admission for being a local resident, so don’t be afraid to ask when purchasing tickets or paying entry fees.

You shouldn’t take “your town” too literally. If your area doesn’t offer much to do, but you’re within an hour or two’s drive of a major city, make a plan to head in for the day to experience something different. And even if you aren’t within a reasonable drive of a decently-sized metro area, you can likely still find some interesting spots to explore without burning through a whole tank of gas.


There’s something exciting about driving a car that isn’t your own. A great way to make a staycation feel a little bit more like a real vacation is to rent a car for part (or all) of your time away from work. If you live in a warmer state, take advantage of the cooler weather and rent a convertible to explore in; if you’re facing cooler temperatures and harsher conditions, a rugged SUV can be just what you need to navigate the icy road and unexpected obstacles.

If you’ve got a few days off over the holiday season and didn’t have any plans, consider enjoying a little staycation with your family. Equipped with these tips, you’re well prepared to enjoy a relaxing, fun, low-cost weekend while enjoying nights at home – not in a hotel.

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