My 2yr Visit to the Dentist – Almost Wordless Wednesday

I haven’t done an Almost Wordless Wednesday in quite some time. Yeah I can never go totally wordless like most people can. I love chatting and love to tell a little story with my photos. Today though I think that maybe I just can. After all how much can I really say about visiting the dentist? For those who have been with me for a while, you may remember I highlighted my fist visit to the dentist in a blog post.

My dentist has a really great waiting room that reminds me of home. Nice comfy couches and there’s even a hot chocolate maker. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? 

If your little one has never been to the dentist before, it’s a great idea to introduce them to the dentist and get them all comfortable. No one likes being with a stranger, especially one who is going to be touching your mouth. My dentist had to actually count my teeth and she said that I had 20 beautiful healthy teeth. I was given my toothbrush at the beginning of my visit, getting me all comfortable. 

Once she had counted and reassured me that my teeth were fine, it was time for a cleaning.

I was not afraid of the buzzing sound since she let me hear and touch it before it entered my mouth. That’s the sign of a good kid dentist. They let you know what’s coming so you’re not afraid. 

She was pretty gentle with me and I had the most amazingly cleaner teeth than what I walked into her office with. 

Once my cleaning was over it was time to choose a toy. Now my dental office has a big toy box and you can choose whatever you want.

I decided I wanted a rose. After all what’s better than a rose for nice little girl like me?

My dental visit was a blast and I have an appointment to see her again in six months.

How often do you or your little one visit the dentist and do you have fun while you’re there?

What is Madison wearing? Get the look!

Patterned Sweater – Old Navy

Jeans – Juicy Couture

Boots – UGG Australia

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