Transform Your Fitness Routine in 2020, with the Best Workout Tips for Women!

As a woman, mother, and CEO of Studio SWEAT onDemand, Kat Com knows how tough juggling multiple roles and responsibilities can be. As the days go by, and these endless tasks begin to add up, making time to get in a workout can seem impossible.

But making the impossible possible is what being a woman’s all about! With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best and boldest workout tips for women, to help you march through 2020 with a ‘Heck Ya!’ attitude.


Our #1 tip for daily workout success is to create a plan for yourself. Whether you’re planning your entire week or just tomorrow, make sure to set aside some much-needed “me time.” Workouts are your self-care, and it’s time to prioritize them accordingly. After you plan your schedule, plan your routine! You’ll want to start with workouts that hit a variety of muscle groups without working every muscle every day (think upper body/lower body rotations, or back and biceps Monday/chest and triceps Tuesday, etc.). NOTE: Don’t skip on the rest and recovery, either. A lot of our trainers will tell you that Mind & Body activities are the hardest for them to incorporate, so they absolutely recommend consciously adding these sessions to your weekly schedule. A Studio SWEAT onDemand fave is this 20-minute stretch routine, which can be added to the end of a workout to keep your muscles loose, happy, and cared for.

2. OWN IT!

While your planning, be sure to choose activities that you love and make them your own! Figure out which exercises bring out the best in you (while pushing you to your limit) and how many times a week you want to do them. But mix it up too. Love to Cycle? (we, sure as heck do!) Combine a variety of Spin classes throughout the week with some sculpt or core work, and then for a fun challenge, grab a bike and hit the trails on the weekend for a little outdoor ride. However, you choose to exercise, make sure you’re owning it as your workout and your time. Studio SWEAT onDemand offers thousands of classes for you to choose from so you can explore new workouts or access your faves at any time.


Let’s be honest; there will be days when you’ve got a packed schedule, it’s totally okay (even beneficial sometimes) to keep your workout short and sweet – we’re talking thirty minutes or less. No need to impress anyone with numbers – you don’t have to do an hour a day every day! Sometimes these workouts may be just the boost you need to keep up with your fit & fantastic week. Do you think that just because a workout is short, it won’t be powerful? Check out these high-intensity classes at 15-30 minutes that will prove you wrong in the best way possible!


There’s nothing wrong with getting into the latest and greatest workout trends! From anti-gravity yoga to trampoline routines, trends offer a way to bond with others and give you the nudge you need to try out new exercises. For example, have you heard of Aerial Yoga? Basically, it’s suspended yoga using a hammock hung from a single anchor in the ceiling. You’ll feel like a trapeze artist as you work on your hips, back, and arms. Check it out on this list of the latest workout trends in 2020.


2020 is a time for inclusivity and leadership! Take command and surround yourself with like-minded women who are on the same path of development that you’re on. With the right ladies behind you, you’ll find motivation, support, encouragement, and friendship. At Studio SWEAT onDemand, our trainers will frequently remind you that your workouts should be a source of inspiration for all. Surround yourself with a tight-knit crew, and they’ll encourage you to always be your best self. 

How do you find your fitness femmes? Take a shot at a local workout studio, or a neighborhood mom’s group. Or even better, get started with an online, worldwide Facebook group.  At Studio SWEAT onDemand, their private, closed group is called the SSoD Komrades, and it’s for powerhouse members to link up, support one another and push each other on. Ready to get started with Studio SWEAT onDemand? Click here to check out a free trial of their All-Access Pass, and then join their online Facebook Community. You have the option to meet new fitness friends from across the globe or in your neighborhood. Now, let’s sweat our way into 2020 sistas!

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