What 2019 Moms Wish You Knew Before Buying Their Kids Gifts This Holiday Season

For kids, the holidays are all about possibility. It’s a time of high excitement and big expectations. For moms, however, the season is a little more complicated. As grateful as they are for your generous contribution to their children’s holiday experience, there are practical, logistical, and various other factors that are at play.

Managing the dichotomy of making the kiddos’ holiday dreams come true while respecting people’s individual lifestyles can be challenging. For a mom trying to make the holidays magical while trying to stay true to her family values, it is a delicate balance. And for you, as a gift-giver trying to wow the children while also earning a nod of approval from their parents, it’s an equally tall order.

So, this holiday season, let’s establish a few gift-giving ground rules. Read on to learn what moms hope you’ll consider before purchasing gifts for their kids this year. Doing so means, in addition to choosing thoughtful and valued gifts for kids, you truly live up to the adage that “it’s the thought that counts.”

In 2019, here are the top gifting trends moms love:


In an effort to lean away from consumerism and into values-based giving, as well as to reduce clutter in the home, parents this year prefer gifts involving experiences for their children rather than toys or gadgets. Whether you plan an excursion with the child or simply offer a gift card toward an enriching or exciting event or class that they’ll love, experiential gifts create wonderful memories that will last far longer than any object you could offer wrapped in paper.


Kids spend so much time watching TV, playing video games, or just “hanging out,” what moms these days are most worried about is good old-fashioned activity. If you can help a child have fun and get up off the couch at the same time, you’ve struck gift-giving gold. Sports equipment, backyard games, dance classes, movement-based board games are all great options to encourage healthful activity and combat boredom at the same time.


If mom provides you with their child’s wish list or has a registry in place for the holiday season, please use it. While it’s tempting to try and surprise them with something off the beaten path, the fact is that if she put it on the list, both she and her child would appreciate receiving it. Do mom a solid, and take any advice she offers when it comes to what to get her children this year. It’s a sure-fire way to know you’re making everyone happy.


Bucking the “more is better” trend of yore is the movement toward “less is more.” Moms want toys and games that will last, and better yet, grow with their children. This means more natural materials and less plastic. More analog toys, fewer batteries. It means more opportunities for open-ended play and less toys that only have one limited use or purpose. It means more imagination, less designation. Simpler gifts will stand the test of time, so invest in something that the child on your list will love for years to come.


Most moms would agree that their kids have more than enough toys and gadgets at any given time, so consider focusing on gifts that will encourage a child’s development in other ways. Art supplies, sporting goods, educational games, and books (one can never have too many) are just a few ideas, but there are tons of options out there that are more enriching than typical toys.


On the same note of kids already having enough games or toys, many mothers would appreciate help keeping up with what their kids are so quickly using up or outgrowing. Things like clothes and shoes in the next size up (or two), items for future seasons (like swimsuits for next summer), and art supplies that are constantly needing to be refilled are all great options. Knowing they are “set” for a little while in these departments can be very reassuring to parents, and it’s all stuff kids actually need, use and enjoy.

When trying to find the perfect gift for the child on your list, remember that mother truly knows best. Check in with her ahead of time to ensure that whatever you buy, you’ll be bringing joy to everyone’s hearts. Use this holiday season to reinforce the trends that many moms are embracing in their households when it comes to gift-giving, and you’ll truly be doing your part in the old saying “it takes a village.”

If you take a thoughtful approach and ask the right questions before you make holiday purchases this year, you can bring joy to children and parents alike, and really – what could be better than that?

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