What Makes the Commercial Playground Safety Standards Different?

Children of certain age groups love going to playgrounds with their parents. These play areas give young ones the chance to stay active with their friends and have fun while learning and growing happily in an enjoyable environment. The biggest concern for any parent taking their kids to the play area is always how safe it is for their young ones. This is why playground developers are required to work with strict safety measures to ensure all children can enjoy their time spent playing without any risks or hazards. If you are a playground developer and you are thinking of starting your next project, here is everything you need to know about how commercial playground safety standards can be different and how you can properly follow the right measures.

Commercial Playground Safety Standards

Smooth Surfaces

One of the most important safety standards that differentiate commercial playgrounds from any outdoor play area or park for kids is that all the rides and surfaces must be completely smooth. Even though swing seats and slides should be made from hard materials that are sturdy enough for children to play with without any issues, their surfaces must be smooth so that there aren’t any cracks or wood splinters that can cause any harm when the kids play. There is no room for mistakes when it comes to the smoothness of the materials you will use because any small fault can lead to severe consequences that can risk children’s safety as they innocently play around.

Suitable Heights

Kids are adventurous and curious beings who like to explore and can get hyperactive at times while playing with their friends, especially when they are in open spaces and play areas filled with different toys and rides. A child’s behavior is downright unpredictable and for this reason, as showcased by Moduplay, playground developers must ensure that all their equipment is designed with suitable heights for children of the age group they are targeting. Careful thought of designs is essential so that even if someone does slip or fall, they do not end up getting harmed. If there’s certain playground equipment that’s designed with a little extra height for children to enjoy, then proper railing and safety borders should be fixed to ensure the playing environment is risk-free.

Accessibility Standards

Some children may have disabilities that make it a bit more difficult for them to access playground equipment in the same way that other kids can. For this reason, accessibility is one of the most essential playground standards nowadays to ensure that all equipment is accessible by children and everyone gets the chance to enjoy the play area, especially kids with different needs. If you are designing the rides and equipment, you will need to think creatively and come up with innovative ways to help all children have fun regardless of their disabilities or special needs.

Periodic Testing

All children’s playground areas have to be well-maintained to ensure they are safe for kids at all times. When it comes to commercial playgrounds, the standards can be a little more strict to keep kids out of harm’s way. All of them have to undergo periodical testing to ensure no equipment is broken or faulty in any way, and that there are no hazards of any kind. The regular inspections should be thorough and should as well include the whole space around the equipment so that children running around between each ride or toy are not at risk of any harm.

Safe Spaces

Playgrounds usually have several rides and equipment for kids to enjoy. One of the safety measures that must be followed by commercial playground developers is to allot safe spaces between each ride so that kids playing on different rides do not risk each others’ safety. If there are swings fixed in a certain area, for example, they need to be placed at a safe distance from slides so that children playing on each of the rides do not fall or get hit by each other or by the equipment themselves.

Commercial Playground Safety Standards

Commercial playgrounds are considered safe havens for both children and parents as this is a place where the kids can have a good time with their friends while their guardians can be relieved knowing their young ones are safely having fun. This is why there are strict safety standards in place for all commercial playgrounds, to ensure all children are enjoying their time without being at risk. If you are a developer thinking about building your commercial play area, then you need to do some research to find the specific standards in building them to ensure you are following the rules, as well as offering families a pleasant experience.

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