Helping Your Teen Plan Their Life (Without Making Decisions For Them)

Every parent wants to support their kids through life, whether it’s teaching them how to walk and talk or helping them take the first steps in their career. In between all this, there is a period where your kid might not know what they can do, or even what they want to do. While they don’t need to have everything figured out before they go to college, you can still help plan their life without making every decision for them. 

Helping Your Teen Plan Their Life

Ask Them What They Want 

It seems obvious, but too many parents will assume their child wants to do this or that and start making plans for them. What they forget is to ask their teen whether or not this is really what they want. 

Showing an interest in what your child wants to do after high school and college can help them understand themselves. They might shrug and say they don’t know at first, but a little probing (without being overbearing) can help them discover what they want to do, and what they want from life, too. 

Show Them Options 

Your teen may have plenty of ambitions but not know how to achieve them. This is your opportunity to show them the myriad of options available to them to achieve their dreams. If they want to become a doctor, lawyer, or businessperson, you can direct them to college admissions consulting to help them get an idea of how they get there. 

Suppose they’d prefer a career in the arts, though. Some programs and grants can provide support (both financial and otherwise) to get them there. If they want to learn a trade, outline the range of vocational schools and apprenticeships to give them vital experience. 

Consider Their Passions 

Face it, no one really grows up wanting to be a bank manager or work in HR (without offending any bank managers or HR reps). For many kids, they’ll want to follow their passions. However, they may need to choose between their passions and money, and this could help them reevaluate their dreams. 

This isn’t to say they will give up on them altogether, but having something to fall back on will provide essential stability that they might need after leaving college and finding their feet. It needn’t be forever, and it can help them live while pursuing a passion on the side.

Ignore Your Wants 

There are perhaps too many parents that have worked out their child’s life even before they learn how to talk. It’s fine to be ambitious for your kids, but telling them what they are going to do when they grow up will put too much pressure on your kids, and this could cause severe anxiety. 

You must not force your kids to pursue your dreams, and instead, let them find their path because their happiness is more important at the end of the day. 

A Plan For Life

It’s true that no one should have their life figured out before they finish high school. But, helping your teen have an idea of what they want to do and how they can get there will fill them with confidence going out into the world, and you’ll be there to support them no matter what they do. 

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