A List Of Well-paid Jobs That Will Also Help You Make Positive Changes In Others’ Lives

Growing up, you’ve been surely advised that the most important thing is to find, not a well-paid, but an excellently salaried job, as it is the only measure of one’s worth and its value in this world. However well-intentioned, you will eventually understand how the world, market, and abilities function, and you will shift the truth to finding a well-paid job, but the one that makes you and others happy and satisfied.

Luckily for all, you live in the 21st century and some jobs and careers make a difference and impact in others’ lives but do not incriminate your financial wellbeing as well. Based on salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2020, here are several meaningful occupations.

Well Paid Jobs

Personal Trainer

Entertwined with gaining weight comes confidence loss. And that can lead to a growing pack of other problems – mental insecurities, health reduction, and downsize of life quality. Being a trainer at a gym, a personal one even, can affect someone’s self-evaluation, and directly affect their satisfaction and happiness. Having a personal trainer means having a person who follows your progress, has seen you at, probably, the worst of you, and is responsible for how you feel.

Therefore, if being physically active yourself and wanting to help others become the best version of themselves, and if the average salary of $42k sounds inviting – just make sure to either find a satisfying gym or consider your own service, privately or online.

A Therapist (And All Others)

Therapists can be many, but usually, when mentioned one, the mental health counselor comes to mind. With increasing numbers of mental health issues, accelerated by the recent pandemics, a therapist can truly make positive changes for people with depression, anxiety, psychological, relationship, and behavior troubles. With just above $40k, and if you have a master’s degree, and state licenses – clinical experience should be enough to get you through working in schools, prisons, or much more demanding positions.

On the other hand, another type of therapist – physical therapist, is making an improvement on patients’ bodies, not their minds. They help patients, for around $90k, to learn techniques that will make them lessen the pain, restore mobility and improve their lives. Dealing with chronic conditions, illnesses, and injuries that prevent any kind of movement is a heroic endeavor indeed.

Well Paid Jobs

A Dentist

Possibly since the dawn of the human race, rotten and aching teeth are the inevitability, especially in the modern age of increased sugar intake. Therefore, the job of a dentist is a stable and secure one, as people will always need to have their teeth checked and corrected, and it’s still not encountering life-and-death issues daily, as some other doctors are.

With a median annual salary of $150k, the treatment of pain and helping people see huge benefits in their quality of life is definitely paying back. Any job in the medical sector, such as physicians, surgeons, midwives, pediatricians… requires a lot of studying, specialization, and time, but the impact and effect all of that leave on your patient – is precious.

A Legislator

Being a person who is participating in policy and the law development and directly with decision-making that constructs and models the society, is responsible, meaningful, and attractive – money-wise. You will be having a real chance to make a difference in people’s lives, to take action where necessary, and to do good for your community.

If you’re holding degrees in political science, law, economics, and business and you are willing to dedicate a lot of time and effort for the course, for around $50k annually, then go ahead and show strong character and leadership.

A Lawyer

Reasons to be a lawyer don’t need special explanation – defending people’s rights in courts and interpreting the law, for an excellent salary above average –  tells it all. There are lawyers working on behalf of corporations, others represent the interests of individuals or the general public, but they’re all seen as heroes, able to change people’s lives and fates and bring justice for all. All you need is a law degree, to pass the practice exam, and a lot of experience.

Yet, it’s worth it.

Well Paid Jobs

Environmentalist and Ecologist

These jobs exist to do higher good, preserve our natural resources for future generations while making an impact now. These are the ultimate beneficial carriers as one of the massive threats to human beings, at the moment, is the current climate crisis.

The jobs are very well paid, as they also require knowledge and excellence from many different majors, such as geology, biology, environmental engineering, agricultural sciences.

If you’re concerned about the future, Earth and you want to help clean the polluted path we’re stepping on – you’ll be helping make a positive impact on the whole of humanity.

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