5 Handy Gadgets That’ll Fit In Your Pocket


We are used to having our keys and phones as the only gadgets that we find useful enough to carry in our pocket. Recently the world of technology has decided to surprise us with several miniature gadgets – getting out of your house without them will feel like committing a crime. This is mainly because of how essential they can be in our day-to-day lives, not to mention the convenience of carrying them around. They are small and sleek but very important and might come in handy when we least expect them. 

In this piece, we will look at five handy gadgets that will comfortably fit in your pocket.

1. Pocket Knife 

Before we get ahead of ourselves and talk about tech devices, the good old pocket knife is not to go unmentioned. Many men will relate to this, and the name speaks for itself. The best part is that they come in a diverse range of styles, designs, and functionalities these days. As explained vividly by the folks over at Deejo, you can even tattoo your pocket knife effortlessly to give it a customized look. It can be an amazing gift item for your loved one or special friend, especially if they love adventure and the great outdoors.

2. Key Finder 

One of the things that most people lose easily is their keys. You get from work so exhausted and throw your keys away on the counter or at times lose them on the couch. If you are the people with short memories, you can easily forget where you kept them and the next morning becomes a very stressful one for you trying to trace where you might have left the keys. That being said, someone might have found this morning experience too traumatic and decided to come up with the key finder. This is a simple tag that you add to your keys and can easily use a phone app to find them when your memory fails. While it was made essentially for the keys, people have found several uses for the same such as tracking your kid when they are playing with other kids. This simple gadget has proved to be a lifesaver and you ought to get one for yourself.

3. Mini-Camera Recorder 

Like most other devices in the market, cameras have been reducing in size since their very invention. The first camera was almost the size of a building (kidding). The last decade has seen the invention of some of the smallest cameras in the history of photography. We are at a point where we expect smaller cameras, especially from Samsung, Apple, and other tech giants in this line. The mini camera recorder is one of the options you can simply dip into your pocket and use to capture events you wouldn’t want to miss. They produce great quality pictures and videos despite their small size and portable design.

Handy Pocket Gadgets

4. Solar-Powered Charger

When you are off camping or hunting, your phone battery might die on you and since you are in the wilderness, powering it up can be an issue. That being said, you can get the solar-powered charger that is the size of a potato and carry it with you. It comes with a hook that allows you to hang it on your backpack exposing it to sunlight all day. On a full battery, it can charge all your electronics all night. What makes it interesting is its size and just how handy it is. It’s good to have your phone fully charged in case of an emergency, so the charger can be a wise investment.

5. Miniature Projector                  

Are you a student or an employee who’s required to give presentations now and then, and your regular projector is something you don’t always want to carry around? Then the miniature projector could be exactly what you need. The best thing about the projector is that you only need to light your phone and the projector, set up the projection surface, and begin your presentation. They make presentations much more fun and efficient as you can use your phone. The small size of the projector is one of the features that have made it so popular. The setup process also takes way less time compared to the laptop and projector setup.

Miniature gadgets have proven time and again to be quite effective and handy. Their sleek design and portability help add convenience and functionality to our lives. This piece has highlighted some of the handy gadgets, which you can simply slide into your pocket and you’re good to go.

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