Spread Holiday Cheer With Santa.Com

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holiday. I couldn’t wait to get up on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought for me. Growing up in the Caribbean, our Christmases were a little different. There were no chimneys for Santa to come through, so my mother would tell us that she had left the door open for him. There were no cookies, but he would have a slice of our Caribbean black cake and some sorrel or ginger beer as was our custom. While I didn’t always get what I asked for on Christmas day, what I did receive was always cherished.

Fast-forward to now that I am grown up with my own family, I still believe in the magic of Christmas and all that it has to offer. My youngest and I visit and take photos with Santa every year and I have my kids make their lists so that they can also be surprised on Christmas day. Just as was the case with me, they don’t all get what they ask for, but it’s the look of surprise on their faces when they do that just makes it all worthwhile. We leave our cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph and the big guy, Jolly Old St. Nick even leaves a letter for Madison. Madison believes in the magic and I want to keep it that way. That’s why I was pleased to hear of Santa.com.

Santa.com is the official site of Santa Claus and teaches true holiday spirit. It’s where everyone from ages 0-120 can join in on the fun. Madison and I went browsing through the site and there is no way to tell that this site wasn’t set up by his elves. It is all just unreal. There are so many services that you can take advantage of.


You can send an email to Santa and you will get a thoughtful response back.

Daily text messages

Starting December 1st, you can receive a daily text message from Santa for $9.99 but you can save 20% by using code amjohn.

Handwritten notes

Later this month, November, Santa will also be offering handwritten notes. It’s just another of his service that he will be offering.

Santa.com even offers free coloring pages and clean fun jokes for the adults too.

No need to worry about privacy because Santa.com takes your privacy very seriously. It is certified by an FTC approved Safe Harbor Program and meets the FTC privacy and security requirements for sites that provide content for children under the age of 13.

For even more savings, you can also locate a hidden coupon code on Santa.com for 35% off, available until November 24th! To participate, download the Blippar App from the iTunes store or Google Play. Then, visit Santa.com and hold the app over any image on the site. One of the images will then reveal the hidden coupon code, just like holiday magic.

You can keep in touch with Santa and all his merry elves and reindeers by visiting Santa.com and following him on his social networks:

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To spread even more holiday cheer, one lucky winner will win a Christmas gift from Santa.com that includes:

  • 1 Santa.com fidget spinner wrapped in gift paper and a Santa.com ribbon
  •  1 Santa.com eco-friendly folding tote bag
  • 1 Santa Libs story book and coloring pages
  • 1 Santa.com oval bumper sticker
  • 1 Santa.com. pen

To Enter:

Use the widget below and be sure to read the official rules. This giveaway is hosted and sponsored by Santa.com.

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