4 Ways to Drive Safely at Night ~ #NightDrivers

I wear my sunglasses at night. 

I remember singing along to the words of this song by Corey Hart, however, the first line has been something that I have always wished I could do. I live in Colorado where it seems that no one knows how to dim their headlights. Everyone drives with their high beams on. I get it, we don’t have a lot of street lights, so it’s always dark here. I don’t live in the bright city of Denver, but more in the suburbs of Colorado Springs. I always keep a pair of sunglasses in my car, but they weren’t optimal for nighttime driving. Everything was darker and it made driving even more difficult. That’s why I was so excited to learn of Night Drivers. They are my solution to nighttime driving and best of all, I can finally wear sunglasses at night. Today I want to share with you, four ways that you too can drive safely at night.

1. Make sure your windshield and windows are clean

Having a dirty windshield and windows decreases your visibility, especially at night. While you may not be able to see the smudges and streaks as much during the day when the sun is at its highest, they can become very visible at night, especially from the glare of oncoming traffic, thus making it a bit more impossible to see during the night. Remember to not only clean the outside but the inside as well.

2. Use your high beams wisely

While your high beams can come in handy in very dark areas, where there is little to no traffic, be sure to lower them when faced with oncoming traffic so that you don’t blind other drivers. Also turn them down when you’re following traffic, so that you’re not distracting the driver in front of you. However, when you are faced with the glare from another driver’s high beams, try to avoid looking at them, by instead looking to the right side of your lane. This has saved me on numerous occasions.

3. Drive slowly and increase following distance

Since your visibility is more restricted at night, a good rule of thumb is to drive at a slower speed than you would during the daytime when you can see a lot better. It takes a longer time to see hazards, so it will also take a longer time to react to them. Driving slowly and at an increased following distance gives you a better chance at reacting to any problems that may come your way, thus avoiding them.

4. Wear Night Drivers 

The glare from oncoming traffic can be blinding, wearing Night Drivers can help. While you can look away, Night Drivers’ unique yellow lens blocks the glare from their headlights and has passed global traffic light standards. I have been wearing mine for the past week and I have to say that they work amazingly well. Now I have more contrast and less glare when I drive.

If you would love to give Night Drivers a try, which I suggest you do if you’re a nighttime driver, I have a special promotional code just for you. All readers of AnnMarie John will get 50% off their purchase of Night Drivers with free shipping within the United States by using code NDI-5. Code must be entered at check out to receive a discount.

To learn more about Night Drivers, visit their website and follow their social media pages.

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