Peg Perego USA Book Plus Stroller Review

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

I was not paid in any way to write this review. 

All opinions are my own.

It’s the stylish, reversible stroller that is practical and easy to use. With the Book Plus, baby can face you or the world ahead, while being surrounded by comfort and security. able to be used from infancy through the toddler years, the Book Plus is the only stroller you’ll need. 

That’s a quote taken from Peg Perego themselves about the Book Plus Stroller and you know me. I had to prove it for myself. I know a good stroller when I use one and we have had some high end strollers. We’ve even had the Optimus Prime of Strollers, one that folds on its very own with a push of a button so when mommy and I were given the opportunity to review this stroller which is the only stroller we’ll ever need we jumped on it.

You are going to see me in a lot of these pictures because I just had to be in almost every one. Mommy also took her time reviewing this because she wanted to give an accurate and truthful review. After all a stroller is a huge investment and at this price she doesn’t want you spending your money on something that you may regret later.

When we received our Book Plus it came in huge box! Mommy thought that it there would have been a huge chore to put together but she was pleasantly surprised. The box was big but most of the parts were already together. The only thing that needed to be put together where the wheels and the seat into the frame and our stroller was done.

Doesn’t get any easier than that does it? Well mommy didn’t think so either and neither did I. I couldn’t wait to get into it and be pushed around. I was ready to test out that claim and I’m sure you’re wondering if it lived up to its claim.

Yeah, that’s me climbing in. I couldn’t wait to ride. Not only is this stroller comfortable but it feels and looks super luxurious as well. Before I tell you about our on the road experience let me tell you what I loved about this stroller. 

This stroller can be fully reclined. Unlike my Origami that costs a lot more, this is perfect in that respect. There are the times when I do fall asleep when we’ve been out for quite a while so I do prefer to be flat. The seat can also be used forward or rear facing and I also loved that. The Book Plus Stroller also comes with a 5 point safety harness so I’m very secure in my stroller. 

 Forward and Rear Facing

Know what I REALLY love about this? The very large canopy. This has the largest canopy that I’ve seen on any stroller. This totally protects from all elements although it does comes with a rain shield as well as a footmuff. Total protection!

The true test for us was on the road travel. Mommy is 5′ 10″ tall and daddy is 6′ 4″ tall so having a stroller with a handlebar that adjusts nicely for mommy and daddy making it easier for them to push me is a must and this was perfect. 

The front and back wheels can both be locked and this comes with a very large basket, big enough for mommy to put lots of bags in after a day of shopping. With easy lockable brakes that only needs one foot you would love the easy accessibility. 

It is really easy to push with one hand and the ride is really smooth. Mommy was able to push me around the neighborhood on the street and on gravel and had no problems pushing. The large wheels makes it really easy to push. 

Love the extra smooth ride

There aren’t a lot of strollers that can be closed easily and with the seat not fully reclined. Guess what? This has both features. Now you can take your baby out of your stroller and fold with one hand without having to adjust the seat. Amazing isn’t it? Did I mention how easy this is to fold as well? It really truly is.

There are lots of great colors to choose from so finding the color of your choice should not be an issue. We got the basic black which goes with everything. 

Now you’re wondering, it can’t be all that there has to be something wrong with it? Well the only thing mommy can say about this is that it is slightly on the heavy side. It weighs approximately 22lbs. Not exactly light so if you’re very petite this may not be it for you. Also this is great for those living in the city.

For mommy who used to live in NYC this is the perfect stroller. It would fit perfectly through those subway doors because it’s not too wide and will be easy to move up and down the stairs while lifting. This is the perfect city stroller.

Mommy couldn’t put together as great a video as Peg Perego USA did for the Book Plus so we’ve decided to use their video showing you the awesomeness of this stroller. Sweet! (Yeah I watch Kung-Fu Panda)

So here is my verdict. This truly may be the only stroller you may ever need. The only con we’ve found is that it is slightly on the heavy side but not overly heavy. The features you get with this stroller is everything a high end stroller should have. You won’t regret getting this. It is not a cheap stroller but if you want the best then don’t worry about the price. You’ve got the best right here. For your newborn to your toddler years this is it!

I give the Peg Perego USA Book Plus Two Tiny Thumbs Up!

You may purchase the Peg Perego USA Book Stroller on Amazon

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