Sometimes Roses Just Aren’t Enough

The month of love is here. February 14th, the day that most women and a few men look forward to. It’s the day that restaurants are booked to capacity, the florists gets tons of orders and maybe one of the only day that men go shopping. Why? Because it’s Valentine’s Day! Personally I don’t particularly care for flowers but it sure does look great on my table and it shows that I was thought about. However, sometimes roses just aren’t enough and you want to go a little extra. I was actually talking to a girlfriend of mine who mentioned that while she loved flowers, she would also love a little extra so I decided to browse online looking for options. I happened upon Fresh Flowers. While they are an online florist based in Australia they also cater to customers abroad.

I was truly intrigued by their variety and even their range. There are flowers for every occasion including the Chinese New Year which will be here very shortly. Flowers for weddings, your Baby’s New Arrival, Thank You or just a simple Thinking of You. Another thing that I truly loved while browsing their site was their Florist Pick. Have you ever been stumped as to what to get in terms of flowers? Well leave it up to them and they’ll hand pick a beautiful bouquet just for you, just for the occasion. That will surely take the worry out of it.

I even took the time out to read all the little tips that were offered. For example these were just a few tips we learned while browsing on how to make your Valentine’s Day flowers last longer. Did you know that you actually need to give your flowers plant food to keep them fresh and healthy longer? Or that if you added a few drops of bleach to your water it will keep your water clean? There are lots of info on their site because it’s not all about getting you the freshest and best flowers available, but also learning how to choose and take care of your flowers when you do received them.

What about the color of your roses? Do you know what the color of each rose mean? We all know that red stands for love and romance which makes them the most popular color for Valentine’s Day, but what does the other colors mean?

White roses (my favorite color) embraces new beginnings and losses making them perfect for weddings and memorials.

Pink roses are considered the multi-purpose rose and can be given for any occasion. They show love and appreciation and are perfect to give to family members, friends, and even your significant other as a sign of love.

Orange roses are the perfect roses for those passionate relationship since they are all about passion.

Yellow roses are all about friendship. They are the perfect ones to send as thank you’s to friends and coworkers.

However they took the gifting of roses even further with Fresh Flowers’ Valentines Day flower selections. If you want to make your Valentine day extra special, nothing says I Love You like a box of roses complete with chocolate and a bottle of champagne, in this case Moët and Chandon which I just absolutely adore. Your significant other will just love you even more. I’m already hinting at this for my Valentine’s Day.

So if you’re still on the search for the perfect bouquet with something extra check out I’m so happy I found them and you will be too!

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